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It took me 3 years, because I didn't do an Honours year - my University is replacing Honours with Masters, hence the Masters. I actually prefer the Masters system, because it means I get to do more advanced coursework, as well as have more time to complete my research project. I should come out the end far more well-rounded.

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Have you even read what ENCODE discovered? Please, give it to me in your own words.

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It's true that there have been those posts you mentioned (which admittedly were written just after I finished the post), but they haven't actually dealt with any of the scientific issues brought up by people like Larry Moran and T. Ryan Gregory, which I think is telling.

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If you're going to accuse me of metaphysical schizophrenia, I think the least you could do is get my name right.

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I have given them years of my life. Nothing has changed. Once I thought I would learn more about why I believed that modern evolutionary theory was the best explanation for the diversity of life if I gave them the chance to discredit everything I thought about biology, but all I've learnt is that some people don't care about the truth, only rhetoric.

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Will, what's your opinion of Craig Venter's foray into synthetic biology, given that you think life must necessarily have a "spiritual" side? http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2010/may/20/cra...

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Good thing that nobody believes everything every dead scientist ever said, then, isn't it?

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I never said ID is necessarily creationism, just that the Discovery Institute is a creationist organisation. I've argued before that ID and creationism are not synonymous: http://www.jackscanlan.com/2010/07/the-discovery-...

There's probably good reason to roughly divide the possible "teleological positions" into secular ID (called pure ID in the linked post above), ID creationism and traditional creationism. The Discovery Institute publicly advocates secular ID, semi-publicly advocates ID creationism, and privately advocates traditional creationism.

I should probably write a post about the distinctions between the three categories, at some point...

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If you think I don't understand transcription and translation, please have a word with the academics marking my exams in a few weeks.

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And Will, how do you know when something is a code?