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I have an iPhone and I am usually quite satisfied with it. [It's mostly the crappy AT&T network that pisses me off.] I really want to get an iPad but I'm forcing myself to wait for the second generation. That's what I did with the iPhone and it worked out pretty well. Sure, the third gen iPhone does video, but I got a cheap app that does video for my 2nd gen. It works great! So the 2nd gen method is tried and true, and I'm sticking to it. I just really hope the 2nd gen iPad has a webcam. If not, I may have to wait for the 3rd gen.

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I will never understand why they insist upon growing pubes on their faces.

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Damn. If only I were single, I'd be a hot commodity! *tee hee*

The funny thing is that my fiancé is a catholic.

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I feel for ya. I was fortunate to spend Thanksgiving at my mom's, who is an atheist. My two brothers are also atheists, and my step-dad hates organized religion. The only theist there was my fiancé, a catholic. But he's not really into the whole catholic deal, doesn't go to church unless he's visiting his parents. So it works out. :)

Hope you're feeling better!!!

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My favorite thing about Xmas is the day after Winter Solstice. My mom takes down the Solstice tree and decorations that neighbors assumed were Xmas decorations, and it's not even the 25th yet. I bet that really confuses people when they see the tree laying in the side of the yard on the 22nd. Ha!

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I'd wager there are more heterosexuals who commit suicide, are depressed, emotionally insecure and infected with sexually transmitted diseases. A person's sexuality has nothing to do with these factors. You (and countless others) have been brainwashed into thinking that a person's sexuality is a choice. It's actually quite sad.

What's worse? I haven't the slightest idea how to fix this. Indoctrination runs deep.

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True. But I think that if society DEMANDED safer cars and healthier food -- food that contains no artificial preservatives, no toxins, no high fructose corn syrup, no antibiotics, no pesticides, no growth hormones, etc -- companies would be forced to mass produce these things in the same quantities that crappy cars and junky food get produced now. The higher the quantity, the lower the production cost per unit. We all vote with our dollar. If we bite the bullet and pay a little more for better stuff, the corporations will respond. The only reason they keep selling us crap is because we keep buying that crap.

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That's so awesome. It's no wonder at all that Sweden is one of the best countries to live in, according to the UN. The jerk-off republicans are incredibly anti-tax here in the States. I doubt a health care system like Sweden's would ever be implemented here... Not with so many idiots running around. :)

The city I live in, San Francisco, has its own little form of universal health care. The requirements are only that you are a San Francisco resident and that you work a minimum of 10 hours per week for an employer located in San Francisco. But of course, someone is already trying to sue the city. Employers are required to pay into this system, and a lot of restaurants and businesses are going under. I think if they just raised the taxes a bit, things would be okay. I volunteer to pay my fair share of taxes. :)

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I totally know what you mean.

I went to a Richard Dawkins lecture a few days ago and the feeling in that church (yes it was held in a church, which cracked me up) was so awesome. All around me I saw atheist t-shirts and copies of The God Delusion and Dawkins' latest book The Greatest Show On Earth. And the applause and laughs Dawkins received whenever he poked fun at believers/Creationists was just amazing. I'm not normally surrounded by people who think more or less like I do (when it comes to religious belief, that is) and so it was quite refreshing to be there.

But then I realized that this must be what church-goers feel like every Sunday (or whenever they attend a service at a place of worship). They feel that oneness, that togetherness, they feel so at home with everyone there. I can imagine it'd be hard to leave that. It's no wonder so few people snap out of it and become atheists. In many cases, de-converting to atheism would mean leaving a community that makes them feel welcomed and accepted. We are social beings after all...
Perhaps it was easier for me to become an atheist. I was never involved in any church and the only time my family and I went to church was when I attended Catholic school in the 2nd grade. I guess I lucked out.

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Hahaha, I had to laugh extra hard at the "oh she was an austrio-something right?" part. I love it!