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The Greens McKim is right - Tassie would stand to benefit economically given that scenario. But the overall cost to the Australian society in generations to come as the family structure decays further by the introduction of same-sex 'marriage', who can fathom?

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Abortion is women's rights in action! (Unless, statistically speaking, you're an unborn female. Then the womb becomes the most dangerous place for you to be.)

Ironic much?

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Then since we have the whole of the Bible to choose from, it shouldn't be too difficult - for practicality's sake - to procure a few to counter Fisher's, no? Or you can provide an alternate explanation for those verses that he has.

If you want to posit that what Fisher is espousing is an unbiblical image of God, I think it would aid discussion (and be only fair) if you argued that from the text as well. I am assuming that you hold as high a view of scripture as we at The Aristophrenium do.

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Marc - could you name some biblical verses to counter those cited by Fisher?

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I'm not sure on what planet it counts as sound logic to state that there is "no evidence teaching abstinence would lead to fewer pregnancies or STDs". Surely not having sex won't produce unwanted pregnancies?

As well as educating our girls on how to say 'no', we ought be educating our boys 'not to ask'. In fact, I'd argue the educating should start with our boys first and foremost - then our girls won't find themselves having to make a decision either way, until the time is right and the son-of-a-gun is on bended knee, proffering a ring.

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Anecdotally, I had heard that Roman Catholics never eat red meat on any Friday - this prompted McDonald's, in the early days of the franchise, to create their Fillet-O-Fish burger to cater specifically for their RC patrons in order to retain a healthy (an ironic pun!) business on Fridays.

If there's any truth to that, it's not evident with any of the RC's that I know of.

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I am cautious as to what to make of such comments from Islamic moderates when, as is my understanding (which may be wrong - I'll stand corrected if I am), Islam permits / encourages Muslims to actively deceive non-Muslims when it will assist in the expansion of the Islamic State. Is Samah just lying here with her comments, masking a truth she is aware of, or is she - as Fisher and Adam suggest - simply ignorant of what her religion really teaches?

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Not that I'd call these strictly superstitious, but they do relate somewhat to your article:

1. I had a Christian friend who, even in her early adult life, prohibited herself from watching movies that were rated higher than PG. Kinda silly considering the classifications aren't consistently adhered to ... And that it would preclude her from flicks like The Passion

2. As a young Christian I used to cycle everywhere and I would often push off on my bike, briefly close my eyes and say a quick prayer. Needless to say, it was a practice that was soon shown for it's folly when I veered across the road, struck the gutter and flew over the handle bars onto the sidewalk. Yeah - laugh it up, Fozzy.

3. On numbers, my church recently published some statistics from a recent survey in which there was one pie chart that equalled 101%. Go figure. I couldn't.

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This might be it:

Family Research Abstract of the Week: Homosexual Harmony? *

Although this is a small article that is linked to from NARTH to an external website.

* As the caller Greg was talking with didn't specify the actual article, it is difficult to confirm which article he was specifically referring to.

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JoE - this is straying a little off topic, but you raise good questions. I would like to respond to them in greater detail but do not have the time at present. In the meantime, I would ask you to give some thought to this passage in Ephesians 5:22-33. Adam will likely pick up on this passage as well and if he replies before I do (a high likelihood!) I'll only come back in if I've anything further to add.

At this point, I would only advise that the topic of wifely submission to her husband should never be discussed without its spousal topic of husbandly servitude to his wife (as outlined in the Ephesians passage). This overarching framework should govern the discussion from hereon in.