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For extra lulz, what you should have done was given him someone else's birthday and revealed that you had done so after he was finished crowing about how accurate the chart was.

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Don't be silly, the wimminfolk don't deserve privacy. Our uteruses are public property.

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Killing people is "logical"?!

Well, that's Jennie's problem, right there. She's clearly a raving psychopath.

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How would a class like that even work, since really the ONLY thing you can say without promoting some religion or another is "something created the universe"?

"Children, there is a divine being. We can't say what kind. It created the universe. We can't say why or how. Now let's twiddle our thumbs for 45 minutes."

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One of us! One of us!

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Spoken like someone who didn't bother reading the post.

"Have a nice day" to you too, Chris!

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You might want to double-check what the word "condone" means.

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Yep. Absolutely no problems at all, no way, no sir. I've been trying to turn off twitterfeed since yesterday but for some reason it won't let me sign in... Maybe it's because of the massive, galaxy-destroying endless loop I've created? >.>

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What. The. Fuck.

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You know I'm interested. :) One of the reasons, though, that I suggested you do some "cool things to do with Linux" rather than or alongside the "how to get the thing working" stuff is that I already have got the thing working, so don't have much use for installation tutorials. ;)