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Holy crap in a Toaster! He is truly a piece of bigoted, ignorant, close minded, hate speech filled piece of shit, isn't he!

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Oy Vey. I have heard of some stupid shit before, but this is a whole new level...

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For my part I say this: YOUR DAMN RIGHT! The only way to be heard over the din of the mainstream media and religious cow-towing doosh bags is to tell it like it is!

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Ann, if you feel your husband is truly enmeshed in this cult then I would suggest finding a professional who deals with cult deprogramming. In the long run, you need to confront him and plumb the depths of his belief in this cult and see where he stands.

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Boy that was intelligently put. And convincing. I am now going to quit my evil anti-cult ways and join your happy little church.

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Since we don't eat Marmite in this country, I suppose this is not our Jesus?

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Wow, we all know "they" think of us that way, but to be so outright with it is makes me a little sick. And I would disagree with him that the search for something "transcendent" automatically implies "god." Many secular scientists find something transcendent in their search for the beginnings of the universe or the search for a unified field theory. Transcendent simply means beyond our current understanding. I personally find something inhuman in a Catholic Cultist's obsession with death and eating the flesh of god.

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Shirley, blah, blah, blah. You can quote the meaningless words of a book written by multitudes of unknown men from long a go all you want. But that doesn't make you right, or even a cogent human being. What you and your in-bred clan do is wrong, not in the eyes of your non-existent god, but in the eyes of rational human beings. If any one of the Phelp's clan was saved, it sounds like it was Nate, because he was the one that noticed the truly human evil that is you and your father.

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Fact is no religion deserves it's own day. I am insulted. I want an FSM or Atheist Day just to be fair.

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that is an interesting point. As our social and technological evolution have so far outpaced out biological evolution, our future will be nothing if not interesting. We have been altering the outcome of other species evolution for some 10000 years now. And now we have the ability to create our very own lifeforms. Perhaps there was no god before, but we may become god in the future. As far as a creator anyway.