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Thanks for the tip, vjack!
My recent post Vodpod hearts Reechard and vice versa (video curation)

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It's IntenseDebate. I sent them an FYI.

... "Log in" is the IntenseDebate log in, for to comment. Later, using Chrome I hovered over my IntenseDebate avatar to navigate to my profile and that crashed 4 tabs at once. Feel free to @ me if you want help reproducing....

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Hey Sean, I'm getting serious multiple crashing on Chrome, I don't know why... a few times while listening, and every single time I tried to log in. I'm on Firefox now, no problem.

The Chrome crash was interesting, Speed tracer was no help, the Inspector crashed along with this page, and I tried Incognito mode meaning no Extensions and no "corrupt profile" either.

I'm rather amused at the location-based skeptical discussion. Imma buy ur smart phone a smart phone so ur checkins can check ur checkins and ur swarms can swarm ur swarms! That should fix it!

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Hey Angie! I've no answers for you regarding the media frenzy... but perhaps it's amplified by anti-atheism hysteria (anti-secular too.)

After reading about your unique cult background, I can only imagine what a relief it is to have access to RU486 in this situation.

I hope you follow through with your book! I'd like to read it. I also have a strange cult child tale to tell.

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I ran into this on my old vox blog; vox is free and ad-supported. After griping about the "Christian Singles 4 U!" ads, I finally got one targeted at Atheists. If you squint, you can see it read something like " ". -- disclaimer: this is NOT an endorsement!!

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I refuse to post this comment on TechCrunch, for obvious reasons.

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ha! My current facebook status is "That's it ... I killed Mafia Wars. Reasons: spammy way it tries to spread itself, ridiculous amount of activity based on my "zero participation," hyperinflation of "award" concept"

This doesn't change my mind one bit.

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Oh hai! I haz intens deeb8 nao :-)