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My family tried to guilt me too around the same age. I've never been the "guilty" type. It also failed. And I am glad they haven't discovered fireworks as a Xmas eve idea here.

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After we named Kenny it dawned on me that we (at that time) had two white poodles and he was black. We should have gone with Token.

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"You will respect my authority!" I too am a woman with a South park problem, I have a dog named Kenny and one named Tweak. Also, you can be raped by the devil as long as you have a safe word.

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I suppose I know what "Elevatorgate" is. At least I know the beginning. That is the extent of my knowledge and two shits.

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I'm so glad there has never been any "Hippy love" in my life. Plenty of B&D love but none of that hippy shit!

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Stocking up on ammo and reviewing the rules of Zombieland!

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I suspect I am lucky in that I have a great offline community to be a part of. I suppose getting closer to my offline friends has pulled me away from online, but I still really enjoy the people I have met online.

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I agree with that, my company is doing it too, last year they laid off a department and now my department does that job, they are going to do it again this coming year, 3 jobs, one wage. I know I'm looking elsewhere, and so is half of the rest of those who do the job I do.
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I love shopping. I prefer to do it early in the morning if possible, before the idiots head out.

I used to love the crowds more than I do now. I get frustrated too easily. I have the hardest time in Costco if it's busy. I don't understand the mentality of a set of parents going there, with their 5 kids in tow. How about one of you go out and one stay home and watch the kids. I often find myself yelling "does this one have an owner or a leash?"

As for customer service I've noticed a decline of it lately, which to me is shocking, because usually when the economy sucks, service goes up, trying to win your dollars. I demand good customer service though, it's probably because I have worked in client service fields for a long time.

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WTF? Step away from the bong...
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