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Heya! Come to Chicago, ground zero for the labor movement of, oh, nearly 100 years ago. Lotsa pinko rabble rousers here! And Cubs fans!

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If this was a Carl Hiaasen novel, the idiot perpetrators would suffer deserved justice, at the hands of an intrepid reporter, a sexy female who had been done wrong by one of the idiots, and Skink, who in between cooking roadkill, flirting with the lady, and quoting literary greats, would finish them off in ways commensurate with their sins.

In other words, no such luck ... :(

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My advice: keep enough money stashed away to buy a camping van with a decent mattress in it, so that when you must move in to your car, you will be able to sleep comfortably in it, and maybe have room to sit up and read.

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Watch your back, Emma. The feds have another cell awaiting in Bradley Manning's abode as of late. Silly girl - freedom of speech? The freedums that them there A-rabs hate us for is our freedum to SHOP, girl. Not speech.

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You're ready to become a health care worker now!

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Yes. Martha is an uppity, successful WOMAN, unconnected with Goldman Sachs and the rest of the vampire squid. She was expendable to make an example of to the plebes and to other uppity women.

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Those Hoosiers who drive into Chicago to work should just quit and find jobs in Indiana. That would lower the Chicago unemployment rate. Damn Hoosier leeches.

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She's been out of the news cycle for several weeks now - I wonder what fresh hell she has planned for us?

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Since Washington's abysmal treatment of the poor and the troops in the Revolutionary War. Freedom from England wasn't about what you think it was about - it was to preserve autonomy and profits of American trading companies from Europe. See Howard Zinn.

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At least Joe was an actual elected official. Grover is not nor ever has been a legitimate elected official, but has more than the power of one.