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Perhaps but the primary debates will make him declare he hates gays/blacks/brown/women and declare war with some middle eastern country that the base couldn't find on the map.

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Poor Dickey. Still looking for an onion to tie to his belt.

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Imma looking forward to the 2016 Republican clown car primaries: Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Ricky Santorum, Rick Perry (probably), and Donald Trump. Just need a token pro-life lady & someone who's skin isn't so white that it glows in the dark. Oh, I guess that would be Marco Rubio.

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I don't know what this doofus did before being elected to Congress (and I don't care enough to look it up) but I'm pretty sure 99% of his constituents make minimum wage. I'm pretty sure there aren't any Fortune 100 (except for WalMart) companies relocating to Afton, OK.

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Why don't the feds just move him to FL? I'm sure George Zimmerman has some free time on his hands now. Be a lot cheaper & quicker than the circus trial that will ensue.

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I read she was wearing Benazhir Bhutto's pashmina (is that what you call that white scarf head covering?) So doubly profound.

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Think it makes it easier for the guards to tup the prisoners without any little bebes messing things up...I guess.

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So I could have just stolen a loaf of bread & a couple packs of cigarettes & I could have gotten my tubal free! USA! USA!

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That is an awful lot of words just to say 'Tony Perkins is a dick'.

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Wonder what the ultrasound manufacturers are giving him? The mind boggles...