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Everybody knows the moon is made of cheese.
Wallace & Gromit

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Senator Barrington is part of the reason why we OKies can't have nice things, like medicinal marijuana, cause his churchpeoples don't like it and THEY make the rules, cause their "god" is an uptight, gun-waving asshole.

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Howdy Dusty! Cold enough fer ya? ha! I hate hearing about wind chill factor as much as I hate hearing about heat index. It's either 1 or the other in this hellhole.

I voted and as usual everyone I voted for lost. But hey, we got a lot of "good" Xtians with "Oklahoma values" repping us. So in other words, the Okies screwed themselves again cause Jeebus.

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So did I see like some kind of maybe food substance stuff wrapped in camo paper? I watched it ober n ober in that loopdeloop but the music? was so distracting I couldn't concentrate. And I'm not watching it again cause no.

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I watched the Okie Gubner debate. Mattress Mary seemed to be running against Obummer instead of "liberal" Dorman. Didn't vote for Failin Fallin last time cause I voted for the CommieSocialist Lady.
Anyhoo, I'll have to hold my nose (to get past the NRA rating crap) and vote for Blue dog Joe.

And I lurve that photo. He's my new hero.

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The menfolks maybe would like the Abortionplexes more better iffin the ladies got a FREE Uzi with each 'bortion. Also too; tacos & beers in the waiting room.

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I voted yesterday against crazy bible humping Pseudo Teabagger T.W. Shannon (The Okie Teabags didn't think he was a REEL Teabagger) & against crazy bible humping James "Lurch" Lankford. I picked some yahoo with no chance in hell or OkHELLoma of winning.

Also too; voted against Mary Failin' Fallin & Jim "Big Oil's Call Girl" Inhofe.

When the general election rolls around I'll get to vote again against all those dumb Okie fuckers. My candidates may not win, but by Dawg, I feel like a winner!

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Sometimes I like to twitter speak Bible HUMPER, cause free speech. Also because there's too many idiots in Murica who think the bible & the constitution are interchangeable.

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So... no mention of Neil Bush and Silverado?

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What more prooff do you need that "Barry" HUSSEIN Obozo Obummer Obamanation is JUST LIKE HITLER!!!!111!!!!!!!!!