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Intense Debate let me in again, after days, when I hit reload repeatedly. Wonderful if I can possibly get here tonight. I hate Intense Debate.

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Now I'm doing from email. Is anyone logged into to ID but shut out by wonkette? Crap. Have I been banhammered, when I haven't even been in the neighborhood for a few days. :-(

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In an earlier debate, when they Republics were asked about closing gitmo he answered, in a weirdly gleeful voice, that he thought they should "double" the size of it.

Sweet mother of god, save the world from this idiot being elected.

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Okay--I need a call on this one. The NYT says memorandums. I always thought that, since the word is from the latin, that it was memoranda. Wake up, all you loafing 47% living in your parents' basement, where you framed and hung your BA in English. (History will do).

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Wow. I finally got into wonkette and now have nothing left to say except I hope it works tonight. Does anyone use Safari to download? Is that my problem--a secret war from Apple on "my" the wonket?

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I can't believe it--I finally got the right "my" wonkette screen. I've been trying for so long, I was convinced my nightmare conspiracy had finally happened. That would be that the millionaire dipshit who owns "Hobby Lobby" (the guy who bailed out Orel R.U.--the most recent bailout), the NRA, the RNC, the KKK and the Confessing Movement had paid ATT mega-visits to Mittens summer home and three free rides for two executives and their cars car to go up and down the elevator, and let ATT's favorite CEO emcee Mittens' roast in exchange for scrambling the tubes that deliver the wonket throughout the Bible Belt, starting with the Dust Bowl.

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Well, shit. It's late and I'm worried about the fucking Supreme Court if the rat-bastards manage to steal this thing. I heard on Rachel that women in TX are already going to Mexico for a pill they hope aborts the fetus.

Remember: When coat hangers are outlawed, desperate women will find another way. I actually feel proud that I had an abortion at 4 weeks--suck on that, Tommy. And Todd and Michele and anyone else in the bottomless pit of vitriol and ignorance and rich puppet masters who are the Republithug party today.

Time for bed. Nitey' all.

Later, losers, and love and kisses, DBB

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It's freedom or Jeebus. They got nothin' else.

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The populace down here in the Dust Bowl are in full sympathy with him, just from afar. They don't make 'em crazy enough to alienate these morons.

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It wasn't on my teevee and I was too busy getting stuff ready for church tomorrow, being one of those dysfunctional godless-liberalsl who attends church as . . . irony? Or because I'm a better xian than any of the conservatives?

Whatever--Who won?