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Gotta love Republican logic.
Women having access to adequate health care (including preventative) = government intrusion SOCULIZM!!!1!!1
Government mandating that women have invasive ultrasounds before certain procedures whether a medical doctor finds it necessary or not = for your own good.
Or, if you're like one repugnicant candidate for state house representative last fall, you watch your candidate's ad showing an ultrasound wand (that you voted for) and reply by sending mailers calling her an anarchist and the anti-christ.

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Ahh, thank you, I had somehow missed that it was struck. Well, yay for that little bit then? At least until the next motorcycle safety bill...

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That and the teachers. And when you have large groups of little old retired school teacher ladies going up to the state capital to intentionally get arrested...

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I've really wondered if at some point they knew they were going to lose a number of seats/elections next round, and decided to just do as much damage as they could before the tides turned. I've seen municipal boards do that (especially in super-small towns) before...

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And one of the lesser talked about measures passed this year (hey, it's easy to overlook things because of the rage about EVERYTHING ELSE those shitheads did) is that parents will lose tax credits if their college-aged children vote in the district where they go to college. It's generally thought to be a blow against Chapel Hill and several other cities around the state, which are historically very liberal but largely due to large populations of students there (and probably much less liberal if the student population is removed from the equation).

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13-year-old girls?

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Awwww, she sounds like a little tea partier in training.

Claiming that her constitutional rights have been violated while showing a complete failure to grasp the meaning of any of those constitutional rights.

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"The Club For Growth is considering endorsing Bevin"

Is that like hair club for men, or more like the emails in my spam folder promising me lots of v1@gr@ with which to please my sexy new Russian mail order bride more long time?

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Oh, and early voting is only about two weeks anyway - so they're not just decreasing it, they're cutting it in half.

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There's also a provision taking away tax credits from parents of college students if the students vote in the town where they're going to college (or, you know, living most/all of the time, instead of the bumfuckery town where they grew up).

Not that any of this will end up mattering much, since the GOTwatters redrew district lines in pretty much the definition of gerrymandering...