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If you don't remember dying it isn't really murder.

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"Gets an answer from the Lord. This on average takes about 48 hours for him to receive an answer"

Her husband upgraded to Almighty Prime this year.

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Ha ha ha. I'm gonna chop off balls and make 'em squeal. Ha ha ha. My laugh isn't evil. Really, it isn't ha ha ha.

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Another Hollywierd lie-berul trampling on the free speech of real muricans!

Hehe, yay Paul for being rad!

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I got roofied at a brewery in my hometown of Sacramento about 12 years ago. Had a single beer after dinner and immediately fell off the barstool completely passed out. Fortunately my roommate was there and knew something was very, very wrong. Somehow she managed to drag my body out of the brewery, to my car, drive us home, dragged me up stairs, and into my bed. She stayed with me the entire night because she was scared I would choke on my own vomit.

But obviously none of that happened because some wingnut said it's unpossible.

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You didn't make it to the Wonkett drinky-thingys did you?

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“You should have the biggest party on your block, and you should have the reason for everyone to come to your house and before anyone else’s house because yours is the most fun,”

It's totes true, guys. Kirk's parties are the BESTEST!!

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Babby! Woo hoo! I'd have a sympathy pregnancy to join you but that gosh darn IUD keeps getting in the way. Thanks Obama!


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Wonkette Ointment. Apply liberally.

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I get mine done at the Peticure Junction.