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The setting is the bleakest thing about it, but Getting On is funny, absurd, touching, and all around beautifully constructed. It really is a fantastic little show, and each season is (unfortunately) very short. DQ's assessment is right on.

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Having grown up in Columbus,In,I have seen this pit several times on various architectural tours. I can verify that it does indeed look incredible in person, as does the rest of the home and grounds. No advice on pillows, but I just get a little thrill when I see any mention of Columbus architecture.

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[youtube -eWJmN8D820 youtube]

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I've been a rabid IU basketball fan for over 30 years, but I find it nearly impossible to feel too bad for anyone whose hubris and arrogance regarding the team cancels out any camaraderie or commiseration I would otherwise feel. I really hate to come off all cunty and whatnot, but I just can't abide the bluster and bullshit.

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[youtube rWXyn8SpS9A youtube]
Fuck and yes, MB. Martha and I approve of this message.

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Mike White had me at "Chuck and Buck," and I have floved him since I first saw it. Love, love love "Enlightened " as well, and I hope against hope that HBO will bless us with another season, but I am not optimistic.

" It’s OK to be a ghost
It has its pleasures
You’re light
You float
You slip in and out unseen
There’s no love to lose
Or burden to be
You have so little to hold you down
You are free
Some pearls are never found
They hide under the sand on the ocean floor
No one knows they’re there
But the pearl knows
Maybe there was a time he wanted to be found
To be seen
And to be held
But now only hope hurts
I am my own secret
A secret kept by me"

God, I love this show.

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So very glad to be of assistance! Such a fantastic movie, and a cavalcade of great lines. I referenced Elmer Fishpaw's adult theater the other day because someone set my co-worker's bushes on fire. "Our current attraction is 'My Burning Bush" popped out of my mouth before I knew it. I'm just glad she laughed.

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[youtube SVJYHCBcBbI youtube]

"You've heard about abundant women. Well, this girl only aims to please..."

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Holy shit, sorry for the tardy reply. Got way the fuck caught up in the happy hoopla and remained glued to the tv while trying to get my work done. But anyway, yeah--it's Jiallo's. My friend ate there a couple of weeks ago and had a fantastic meal, so I jumped on that Groupon when I saw it. What a beautiful,beautiful night. I'mma do a bit of billing and watch the Faux Fux for shits and giggles. Night! Or...Morning! So very relieved that hope has sprung eternal, even here in Flyoverville.

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Oh, I'm in Indy all the time! Boyfran lives there, so I'll alert you when next I drive west. Just bought a Groupon for a new African/Caribbean restaurant in Indy, so I'll be there SOON. Gotsta be off to work now, though. Back online in an hour or so. Nice chatting witcha! GO BHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!