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Fuck and YES.

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Yesss! The accident retelling between Kyle and Erika was a riot, as was the couples dinner. Mayonnaise! (Who knew that Paul Shitstain Kemsley woulld emerge as the voice of reason, though?) Ronnie's impersonation of Dorit sends me into hysterics every time, and Ben does a killer Erika. (Ronnie's Aesha from BD Med is a favorite too.) But yes! The fantastical miraculous accident and rollover segment was something I'll listen to more than once for sure! .

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Thank you!! I am sitting here bored to tears at work. I was saving their RHOBH recap for tomorrow night, and I had NO idea they were covering this shitshow. The first time I listened to them I laughed so hard I fucking bawled my eyes out; They are SO SO funny, and their impressions are everything. Ronnie and Ben are my jam!

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I was absolutely captivated! I agree with everything you said, and the use of music was pitch perfect as well. So many character introductions! I adore the actor who plays Ethelrida, but there is just so much great acting, writing, set design, wardrobe, etc. that it would be an embarrassment of riches if it weren't so fucking good. Finally! I'm so pig-biting mad (Thanks, Ed Anger) about the HBOMAX Roku BS that I am beyond thrilled to see a quality scripted program.

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This happened recently (TWICE!) a little over an hour's drive from me, and when I read about it afterward I almost wept. The first time I was working, and the second time I was completely oblivious. A friend and I are driving to Yellow Springs, OH this weekend just to scope it out and try to get a line on his next gig. Nothing happens here in the land of soybeans and Drumpf supporters, so Dave Chappelle and Friends could have gone a long way in filling my reanimation tank.

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My grandmother used to grow this vine on her farm, and I was obsessed with them as a child. Gorgeous. Anyway, I believe they are called Passionflowers. I didn't know much about them until now, though, so thanks! The more you know.

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Watching Closing Ceremonies online. Kate Bush sounds blissful as ever. Swoon. And Madness! The Pet Shop Boys! George Michael! I'm basking in 80's sonic heaven, and it's magnificent.

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Oh yes, and God forbid anyone live in a trailer park! You know, I really enjoyed you in Season Six. So much so, in fact, that I was rooting for you to win. But holy cow, that one little elitist sentence just managed to undo all of the support and interest I had in you with one fell swoop. Stay classy, girl. *Sigh*

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Works for me like gangbusters in those situations to be sure. It was a toss-up between this song, "I've Been Loving You Too Long," and "He Stopped Loving Her Today," but I figured Toussaint doesn't get his due nearly as often as Otis and George. So in case it's not obvious, I'm a card-carrying member of the Heartbreak Society. Better to have loved and lost, my ass!

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