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Christie went, and punted on the question on vaccines.

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What I find so disgusting about this is that, had he been asked the same question during a Republican primary debate, flanked by eight or ten or so of his fellow idiots, he would have boldly and proudly proclaimed his opinion that evolution is only a "theory" and the Bible says so and so, and so no, in fact he is not convinced that evolution is true. But knowing that in London, where people with actual basic science education live, and understand, that evolution is an observable thing, he "punts" on the question rather than being the laughing stock of Britain. Fucking pussy.

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Republicans are dodging questions pertaining to common knowledge. Cute, and courageous!

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Unlike things performed between two consenting adults, we're not asking nor are we expecting you to like this, Alabama.

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I actually have a crazy relative in Georgia who regularly posts links to NowTheEndBegins on his facebook page. Of course I haven't blocked him! I don't even hide him from my newsfeed. It's a great source of amusement and entertainment. That, and when he goes into one of his ALL CAPS rages.

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Christians have never burned anyone alive on American soil, either, because Salem Witch Trials happened before 1776.

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Try being more drunk when you write. All the greats do that.

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And also too, asking a prospective employer about pay, vacation days, days off, and fringe benefits early in the application process can be the kiss of death. I found this out the hard way one time.

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Ice augers, hockey skates, gas cards? For Christmas. Good god I have less in common with these people than I ever realized.

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Because a guy begging for air is HI-larious! Stupid tree-hugging libs with no since of humor.