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I saw Cheese Sandwich and Maud in my local Hot Topic yesterday.

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Cool, guess I will finally get around to watching it then.

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I completely disagree. Both episodes were amazing productions. But, to each their own.

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I just watched the last three episodes of this season of MLP, and HOLY SHIT THEY WERE AMAZING. To be honest I was starting to think this show was finally going downhill this season after a series of particularly blah episodes right there around the middle, but DAMN did it ever pick up at the end!

Just when I think this show isn't gonna surprise me anymore, they pull something like THAT. What a finale.

This show, you guys. This. Freaking. SHOW.

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If you think about it though, she never even WAS completely a villain. Her goal and her methods were flawed, but ultimately she seemed to be sincerely trying to make the world a "better" place according to her warped vision of equality. She wasn't downright selfishly evil like most of the other villains who paraded through this episode. She was actually trying to help other ponies. That's why she changed her mind when she saw the damage she was causing with her time shenanigans.

So in a way, she wasn't so much "redeemed" as... corrected. I thought the way she was simply talked down made perfect sense, and allowed her character to grow without a Magic Rainbow Blast to the face.

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I'm perfectly happy either way.

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I disagree

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I certainly hope so. If they change that, I just won't bother watching it.

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Lots of perfectly good, or even great, actors and actresses have won Razzies you know. It doesn't mean everything they do is awful.

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Cool. Emily Blunt was kickass in Edge of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat), which was an awesome sci-fi flick. I haven't seen her in anything else myself, but I'll probably end up watching the upcoming "The Huntsman" in which she plays the Ice Queen.
Which, you know, is relevant to my interests... <.<

As others have said though, I hope the mane 6 retain their original voices.