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I didn't get the impression that what they saw in the Flashback was literally the last time that Starlight saw her friend... I don't think he got his cutie mark and was whisked out of town. It would have been days or weeks at least to get him into that school. That was just the important moment to Starlight... The moment things changed.

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I don't know... If the best thing you can say about someone is "she didn't totally forcibly rip the free will from her subjects by magic... She merely confined them and subjected them to recorded messages until they agreed with her", you might be setting the bar too low. Starlight needed people to agree with her... If they were complete puppets then they were pointless.

As for not many of them being subjected to it, while perhaps only the Mane Six were forcibly stripped of their marks, I would argue that when the citizens have to cower, hidden in their basements to dare speak in a manner that Starlight would disagree with then it's pretty strong evidence that they already fear what would be done with them if caught. So clearly others had been "corrected" in the past.

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I don't really see it the same way. Twilight didn't "slowly drift away" from Moondancer... She just up and moved away without ever bothering to say goodbye. It was a harsh lesson that, whatever Moondancer might have thought about her relationship with Twilight, to Twilight she simply didn't matter. While the other fillies were friendly enough towards her, they clearly didn't relate to her on a very personal level.

Her reaction to this was to simply not put herself out there any longer. That's not really an overreaction... That's pretty normal. Especially compared to starting a cult, throwing ponies who disagree into locked buildings for reconditioning, kidnapping and forcibly removing cutie marks, and then rewriting time itself out of spiteful vengeance.

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On an unrelated note, I'm still not sold on Starlight Glimmer. Of the Twilight-ish secondary characters, I rank them 1) Sunset Shimmer, 2) Moondancer, 3) Starlight Glimmer. Just talking magical unicorns, I like Trixie better than her as well. So I can't help but be a bit disappointed that Starlight is the one we're almost garaunteed to get more appearances from in the future.

Maybe they'll win me over with her as they did with Sunset... We'll see. They're off to a weaker start with her redemption, and I'm not wild about her randomly being more powerful than Alicorns and instantly friends with the entire town, and I'm not sure how they'll do anything from that, but then they have surprised me before.

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I really enjoyed seeing Moondancer in the finale, prodding Spike awake. The show doesn't need to do anything major to bring these characters back... I'd be more than happy if one of the episodes in the next season that didn't have a speaking part for Twilight still had her appear in the background having lunch with all of her "Amending Fences" friends (Lyra included.) The same with Dash having a visit from Gilda, or Pinkie with her sisters, or Fluttershy and Tree Hugger, etc. I like evidence that these characters keep living their lives regardless of the plotline happening in the foreground.

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Ha! Well done! Wasn't this where things started with "Abridged" series before Hasbro lawyers started having videos pulled forcing the creators of these videos to go with all original art and animations though?

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I'm just teasing either way... Everyone has their own preferences and reasons for them.

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Actually being Sonata Dusk in disguise would explain how Coloratura is beating Moondancer in the poll...

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Flash doesn't deserve the hate he gets, but there isn't enough to him to deserve any real love either. I wouldn't mind him getting some development, but it will have to be done the right way. Keeping in mind that the Mane Si...Seven are the heroes of the property, you don't want him "rescuing" them.

I actually am curious as to how much the folks at Canterlot High know about Princess Twilight and all of this magic they keep getting exposed to. Principal Celestia seemed to think that Pinkie was making no sense when she explained how there was a second Twilight, yet Luna knew enough to assign Sunset Shimmer to try and control magic. So do they know about magical ponies or not?

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This is such a fun concept... Between this and the Filly Twilight/Spike issue, it's like they're tailoring these issues towards me. Can't wait!