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That was sadly my thought process also. I love the look and sound of such a story, but... understanding its approval for the comics series means they are not planning any such thing for the show (by my understanding of the script approval process via Hasbro) is really so disappointing.

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I've been very open about my love for the show as well as my involvement in the fandom, and everyone I know has always been remarkably supportive... my family, friends and even coworkers (even the owner of the company I used to work for encouraged me to keep up my pony art when I left that job after four years). I'm extremely fortunate, but even if I was not so much so, I don't think I could ever change what I do... it at means a great deal to me.

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That faaaace~~ <3

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Darling! Fancy seeing you here! <3

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Hm, I have always fancied that carousel cookie jar...

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I am reminded of the brilliantly satirical semi/would-be Rarijack fanfiction K-I-S-S-I-N-G. And that hooves don't work that way.

Much more seriously, I'm going to choose to interpret this as we will get more of the story behind the loss of the Apple parents in a future episode, at last, and not to mean that they are in fact perfectly alive and have just been bizarrely absent without mention thus far.

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Come now Calpain, that gif is amazing. I would happily help fund such a film!

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As a collector I shall enthusiastically hunt for that Applejack. Speaking purely by my aesthetic sense however, I am more than just a little baffled by this stylistic choice, shall we say.

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Merciful heavens. I'm all for taking risks in fashion, but I truly hope not!

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I can admit I've never been interested in Equestria Girls insofar as watching it or collecting any of the merchandise, and have still never managed to sit through an entire movie in the series, but I would never say I dislike it and I have enjoyed many of the fanworks to come out of it (I have even drawn a few myself and intend do so again in the future). I am quite grateful for the further success that it's brought to this franchise and that it gives many fans something else to enjoy alongside FiM, but that having been said there is no question I vastly prefer cute ponies myself, and do hope they will continue to keep both series separate as they have thus far, because I think Equestria would lose a great degree of its charm and appeal otherwise.