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That pic. Twi Flash. What. I do not approve. This is an outrage. etc.

Though I am amused by how the framing makes it look like Soarin's partner is the pie.

But yay Nano! Or... Napo or whatever. I don't even know how much progress on ponyfics I will make (I'm working on several things this year), but it should be fun in any case! I started right at the stroke of midnight last night myself, and am off to a good start. Hope things are going well for all my fellow writers! Forward, Nano'ers!

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While this still doesn't make it easy, it's not quite as daunting as you're making it out to be. Nano is all about "just write" - you don't worry about editing, proof-reading, or rewrites. Some people forbid themselves from using the delete and backspace keys during November! The point is, you just write the 50k words, you don't worry about editing or even if what you're writing is that good. Maybe you'll rewrite the whole thing later. But you get the story ideas you have in your head down on paper, which for many people is the hardest part: finding the time to actually sit down and write the damn thing. That's what Nano is all about.

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Yeah, bit early for Nano blues isn't it? Hang in there Synthonic; lots of time still to write!

"Hold your talking technicolor horses!" Nice XD Since I started watching MLP I've become fond of saying "Hold your people!"

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Hmm... I'm not sure if I submitted in time or not, the original email said "midnight on the 30th" but then this post says this is our last day. I sent the email anyway, so we'll see.

In any case, Nano is always exciting! This will be my 7th time attempting it. But since I've started a new story and made it to 50k words several times now (out of 6 previous Nano's, I've only failed to win twice), what I really need to do is follow-through on stories I already have! So this year, I'm going to focus on making progress on existing works, including a ponyfic or two.

Happy Halloween and happy Nano'ing everypony!

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Intrigued I am!

Question - any minimum/maximum lengths to the stories written for this event? Didn't see anything in the rules so I assume not, but I figured I'd ask while mulling over what I want to do. I've amassed a folder with several images that all make me want to figure out the story behind them - now to just pick one and write something, which is of course the hard part!

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Come on clouds, move over! Best Princess is displeased!

...ah well. Apparently, this is going to happen again in October, and then a couple more times in 2015 too, so hopefully those of us who were unable to see it due to that whether schedule mix-up will be able to see one of those!

Night everyone! ALL HAIL MOONBUTT

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Hmm... the last prompt inspired me to finish my first ever ponyfic, but this week, I dunno... I'm not sure if any of these are activating my inner writer to that same degree. Might sit this one out and focus on other ponyfic ideas and catching up with the episode reviews on my blog unless something comes to me in the next couple of days.

Not that the prompts are bad! Don't want to give off that impression. XD Just that they aren't jumping out at me, personally.

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And now my turn - I will also C/P what I wrote in the comments at FimFic:

There are minor spoilers in the following comment, for anyone who hasn't read the story itself yet. Ye be warned!

Very interesting. Like FanOfMostEverything, my initial reaction to the idea of Luna using external aids to access the dream world was to want to reject it. It seemed to not fit somehow. But then, as I read further and realized that "it's not easy" is basically a central theme of this story, it began to make more sense to me. It's an intriguing take on the powers of an alicorn princess, this idea that some of what they can do would have to be learned or fought for, and would not simply be bestowed upon them by their nature.

I admit I wondered for several paragraphs who the voice was, and then felt silly for not making the connection immediately, heh.

I loved the moment when Luna admits to herself that she'd already forgotten about the bit of stolen metal, followed by a casual reference to the sundial showing time ticking away, as if to remind us of the contradiction of an immortal being complaining of time being stolen from her. The delivery on this was fantastic, because it conveys so much about what Luna is going through, but in a very subtle way, without giving Luna direct dialog or character thoughts.

Also, this interpretation of the nature of the Rabbit and Thunderbird may be way off (perhaps they are not supposed to be "real" as such, even within the context of the dream world, and are supposed to only be part of Luna's subconscious), but I actually really like the idea that there are other beings of power that aren't known to most of ponykind that Luna can encounter while exploring the dream world.

The only other thing I wonder is if I "get it." I saw a bit of back and forth in the comments about understand it vs. not, and I feel like I basically do, but I can't help but wonder if there is another layer to this that I completely missed, haha.

In any case, this was a well-written and unique take on the subject of Luna's dream walking. It's a short piece that manages to make the reader think in much larger terms about the implications of what happens within it.

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Sure! I'll take a look at your story... after I get some sleep, haha. It's well after 4AM here (why am I still up?!).

Oh, and I wrote "Luna's Apprentice."

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Bah, I just saw this, 45 minutes too late. lol Oh well. It is a good idea tho. Maybe next time I can participate if I'm paying more attention.