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I don't. I haven't for a while now. To be honest, I think I've outgrown the whole thing. I'll likely be deleting the EqD app off my ipod now and calling it bye for good. Not that I have anything against any of you (on the contrary, it's been a great couple of years), most of you are great people, and the ones that aren't all that great mean well I think. The Bronies I've met irl have been awesome, so kudos to you guys.

For me, I came across pony in a time of my life where I was both bored and transitioning my mindset from that of a child to an adult. In this weird interim period, the idea that I could do what I wanted no matter what other people said was a new, baffling concept to me. I think that MLP and my watching of it was an extension of this. So what if someone disapproves of a show I watch? I'm likely not going to please them even if I don't watch the show anyway. It was a very freeing concept to me, and hey, the old online forum I was on was dying and I wanted a new community to chill with.

I don't regret my time as a Brony; I made some great friends along the way. And I'm not shunning MLP or anything like that; I still have some art and merch lying around that I like. I may even watch an episode or two from time to time.

All this to say: the ride was fun, guys. Keep rocking on, and thanks to EqD and the Bronies I interacted with for making it enjoyable. I'm moving on.

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If you don't mind a slightly dark fic (It's not crazy super dark, but a lot of darker undertones), Split Second here is top-notch from what I've read so far.

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I usually don't laugh at all with these, but James had a few quite funny quips in here. Kudos!

Also how many tally marks total, Saber? I NEED TO KNOW!

Obligatory ripped off saberspark/NASCAR sucks

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No Monty or Nowhacking for you, then? Your loss.

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I have heard of precisely zero of these artists before. I suppose they're moderately famous? Time to start researching I guess.

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A super-girly show about actual horses. Just to mess with people.

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The same fans that pirate your documentary made basically as a tribute to them? I don't think the show staff really have such a grandiose view of fans; they just choose to see the good in people rather than the bad.

I know I tend to get overly cynical from time to time, especially on the Internet. I don't think it's ultimately healthy. The less good you expect to see in others, the less you see the good. And it's crazy easy to get bitter for no real reason. I took a step back from the Brony community basically because of this, and it's done wonders for my enjoyment of the show and community at large.

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Three updates = swarm? Seth plz.

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Do we care? I don't think I care. Trace a few vectors, sell them, whatever. Whatever helps you draw better. Is this some kind of taboo subject in the field of art or something? Tbh I don't see what the fuss is about.

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#1 sounds great. Bass is a tad overdone, though.