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I mean I already knew you considered it the best Applejack ship since that one post of that AJ shipping video a few months ago and your little fine text comment on it. BUT NOW ACCEPT IT IS ALSO THE BEST RARITY SHIP.

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I know that, that's why I mentioned AppleDashery and the Things Tavi says and specifically said "Short Skits other long runner", It's all the same writer and I am aware of that. I am just saying, you might want to challenge yourself but in terms of retaining an audience, well stories need endings. What they are doing is admirable but it's also rather ridiculous.

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I honestly don't get the obsession this fandom has with grimdark, it doesn't fit the setting at all. Pretty much all of it just feels off and tryhard to me.

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I don't even like FoE, I think Grimdark in general is not really fitting for ponies but I'l say Austraeoh? that entire series? well written. But written by an author who has NO IDEA about when the hell they need to stop, who just has no conception of when is a reasonable ending. They lost most of their audience long ago. Utaan has barely over a thousand views and the next story will probably manage even less than that and they aren't even half way through I think what they want to do? You can't go on forever and expect the audience to just retain interest no matter how good you are. Short's Skirts other long runner, Appledashery suffers from the same fate, that thing has been stuck in the 4k range for basically an entire year despite near daily updates, no one aside from a really small core cares anymore, it is never featured anymore. and I expect the Things Tavi says will end up the same way. People do not want to read an eternal story.

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#1 ah WeLoveFrogs, they have a pretty vast AU that largely revolves around Sweetie/Sliver Spoon and the rest of the CMC for some reason, o and Rarijack with Rarity and Applejack being married or well they are after a certain point in the AU timeline.

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Hey, RariDash is still a lot more popular than say AppleShy or literally any Pinkie ship that ISN'T PinkieDash (and PinkieDash is honestly these days only BARELY more popular than Raridash). It's just that Rarity shipping is pretty much monopolized by Sparity and Rarijack, but after them RariDash and Flarity do have decent fanbases as well.

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I was around back then, I just don't remember that. I Remember PinkieDash being huge back then, before it's eventual collapse and AppleDash was huge already too. FlutterDash, TwiDash all already existed but they hadn't really gained the footholds they later would as that season progressed and Rarijack was a mid-tier ship rather than the massive thing it is today. Twixie was also really big back then if I recall. I don't know, Iv never really been a Luna fan so I guess I just wasn't paying attention to her ships much.

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Wait they brought the downvote button back! huh.

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TwiLuna? TwiLuna does not have much art at all really, it has a good amount amount of fic but it's not a HUGE ship, it's definitely not as big as SunLight or TwiLestia, at least not right now.

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This ship still exist?

I kid of course, but it's lasting popularity vs a bunch of others has always puzzled me, the characters haven't interacted much since Season 1 and their dynamic when they do has pretty much remained exactly the same since the start, they rib on each other sometimes and have crazy competitions, plus like with everyone else AJ plays straightman that's about it. Just surprises me that it continues to manage to hold it's own against much more highlighted dynamics like Fluttershy and Dash, Rarity and Applejack and absolutely crushes Pinkie and Dash and Rarity and Fluttershy. Which are both also significantly more fleshed out dynamics.

Then again, TwiDash basically became one of the most popular ships out of pretty much nothing back in 2012, so what do I know. The ways of shipping can be strange I suppose.