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OH $#!+ OH $#!+ OH $#!+ OH $#!+ OH $#!+ OH $#!+ OH $#!+ OH $#!+ OH $#!+

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"Every time you come here, it's like a whole New Jersey!"

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It happened a day or so after the episode aired, but then Garnet Week started the next day after I submitted it. -_-;

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Good to know Ronaldo is on the case!

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It would certainly explain "...It wasn't our fault!"; Blue Diamond seemed to have a focus on mysticism/magic, so she may have been intrigued enough by the concept to push for experiments to see if the process could be used to "resurrect" gem shards.

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Even if you turn Peridot's head upside down in that third-to-last image, it still makes a terrified face.


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Wellp, this episode decicively confirms that this is an Earth without polar ice caps and dramatically higher sea levels; it's not just that Greenland is, y'know, green, most of what are low-lying coastal areas on our Earth are underwater there. The temple in the middle of what used to be Siberia is right about where the Tunguska Event occurred; I wonder if the Gems overheated the Earth and melted the ice caps during the rebellion in 3750-ish BC, or if it happened in 1908 when that temple caught an asteroid and put several dozen millions of square miles of Russia underwater?

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I wonder if Rose's obviously hyperbolic power level-- she casually chumped a triple fusion in The Answer-- and the lack of Pink Diamond iconography in modern Gem designs somehow plays into the fan theory that the Diamonds are multiple-fusions themselves, and the reason they ordered their society to auto-hate heterogeneous fusion is to keep any other Gems from attaining their power level. We know Rose isn't Pink Diamond herself... but what if she was part of Pink Diamond, and her separation-- most likely over her love for Earth-- was what sparked the schism?

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▽: "Yellow Diamond! Your neck!"

◇: "What. What about it?"

▽: "You have one! Like, a lot of one!"

◇: "...I am sending five Death Stars."