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Hooray! Now here's a reason for this fandom to celebrate.

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Insert my standard comment here. People know the drill by now.

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I swear if they go the alternate-universe route with Evil-Celestia, I will... do nothing. Because these comics have been dead to me since day one, so one more awful storyline will not make any difference. *shrugs*

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Hooray, one more season without a Celestia episode and a two-parter premiere that fucks the Princesses up the ass with uselessness! Let's party! ^_^


Come on, you know I had to do it. I have a reputation to keep up here.

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This is getting really curious. I do like the normal-maned designs, but I have to admit that the big-manes don't work on every character, Pinkie and Rainbow to be specific. Pinkie's normal mane is big as it is due to being so fluffy, making it even bigger makes her look like a hippie. Hair all over! And I'm just not a fan of Rainbow Dash's saiyan mane. I grew out of my DBZ phase long ago (and thank goodness for that!).

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Welp, it's getting more and more likely we'll be seeing this in the show. And I'm okay with that. =p

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Wait, wait, wait. Twilight getting wings had the entire fandom in an uproar, with a colossal amount of drama and whinefests the likes of which you can't believe. People were screaming how Twilight shouldn't get wings because it destroyed the dynamic of the mane six, fucked up the ratio of the three races and more stuff like that. There was a shitstorm raging for MONTHS because Hasbro DARED to bring some changes to the mane six, yet now the same people who were causing said shitstorm are saying they'd be perfectly okay with Hasbro changing the mane six?! Are you kidding me?! So Twilight with wings is worth massive drama, but Fluttershy with fangs is okay? Changing the appearance of one mane six is unacceptable, but changing the appearance of another is perfectly fine?!

*sigh* I'll never understand this fandom.

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I was actually wondering when they were going to adress this again because it felt a bit head-scratching to have it ignored in some episodes ("Daring Don't" coming to mind as the most obvious example). I liked how they did it in the premiere, so if they keep going along that line, it can only be good.

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That's what I said.

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12/26. 12 left to go before the finale.