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I appreciate booboo's clarification and I'm glad DoW put it in the post; in the articles I read before writing this post (and to which I linked), that fact wasn't mentioned. Though I'm not quite sure what you expected here; I thought it was pretty obvious that, despite the serious message encouraging people to get vaccinated, this post was meant to be more of a humorous note of a recent scientific revelation than a lengthy academic medical article. I included links to actual articles about HPV though!

If the person who approved/edited my post was okay leaving the curse word in, I think it's fine. Sorry to offend your delicate sensibilities.

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"Millions of dollars is spent on the NOH8 campaign*, legalistic politics that will never save anyone, and all it takes is $16 a month through an organization such as Generosity Water to provide 1 new person every month clean drinking water for the rest of their lives."

Why can't I care about both of these things? I don't think any two "causes" are mutually exclusive, unless you're arguing that all of one's time, money, and attention should go towards one great cause only---which I don't think you intend to do.

Also, I'd like to point out that just because gay rights efforts like those that NOH8 works towards might not be very important to you doesn't mean they're not important to others.

And for whatever it's worth, your mention of NOH8 seemed exactly to be a dismissal of it and the causes it stands for.

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The Supreme Court is right--the government can't infringe upon free speech rights of US citizens. A ruling in favor of the plaintiff would amount to censorship, and the government can't do that.

But I'm glad we have groups like Anonymous who can--and do--censor Westboro Baptist. ( is still down, by the way.) Or like that "Army of Angels" that blocked the Church's protests at an AZ shooting victim's funeral.

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[youtube zqFtW92WUaI youtube]

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I know this is unrelated to the post at hand, but this is what infuriates me about Ticketmaster. Seriously, how have they not gotten broken up anti-trust-style yet?

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But an iPad's flat surface would be perfect for at least one of those things!

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In Soviet Russia, slab fondles you.

(I'll just see myself out now, thanks.)

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Well that's what happens when you bring "Anal Douching For Dummies" onto the subway.

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Did you actually give King Night or Yes I Smoke Crack a listen, or did you just watch the YouTube vids? They're terrible live, but I think that's because their sound is dependent on studio trickery. They've now released three different versions of "Redlights," and it gets better/more visceral each time. They're improving.

Also: check out Lake Radio. If you're into "sort of witch house-y but incorporating other, more melodic pop aspects," I think you'll like Planet Earth About To Be Recycled.

Finally, definitely check out Keep Shelly In Athens's In Love With Dusk EP. Great, great stuff. A strong "alien airport lounge" vibe, in a good way.

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And if you're not a freelancer but still hate your job: