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Mixed feelings on this too. I loved being able to try on shoes as I'm really picky. (I spent $300+ on shoes last winter since I was able to try them on.)

But I'm also short and would love to get dresses/skirts/pants that do not need to be hemmed.

I also went this past weekend and was very perplexed at the limited number of options that were available. (Though I didn't have any shoes from this season on my wishlist.)

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I've only been there like 3 times, but I haven't had any issues. I bought like 5 pairs of shoes last time (all purchased on sale), and they even double checked to see if the additional 20 or 25% thing was still happening. (It was and they honored it.)

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Well, the dresser had laminate on it that was peeling (with some parts missing).

If it was a solid wood piece, I would particular leave it alone or try to stain it.

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They're geniuses compared to many of the folks working in the DMV.

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If I read this, I would be reading it in private and would tell no one.

Not because it's erotica, but because it is so badly written.

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People would wear these in public?
Pajamas are not going-out pants.

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I too own two pairs. The clog one is wearing around the kitchen on hard tile floors. The sandal one is for beach and pool wearing. I regret neither of these choices.

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I hate public phone conversations. It's either really embarassing shit that I would never say in public or long period of unimportant chatter while you are trying to shop in peace.

Sometimes I long back to the days of the Zach Morris phones when minutes were expensive and you needed a car to run it.

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I graduated high school in 2000. I am so glad that we did not have these yet. We had two standardized tests in the state of PA. I think it happened twice, once in like 5th or 6th grade and then another in some later grade. We never prepared, and it wasn't tied to funding (that I knew of).

Yes, the school system wasn't perfect, but we were sort of learning most of the time.

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I joined in season 2 or season 3. I watched the hell out of it during the summer. Watching it live and reading dozens of pages of comments on TWOP was fun.