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I find this story, or rather the reaction to it kind of wild. I remember my Modern US History professor talking about this as fact back in the early 90s. Can't remember what the exact proof was, but she always backed up what she taught. She was not a fan of Reagan, tho. This was at the University of Tennessee, not some hippy liberal arts college.

I know this is big, because someone directly involved is on record now, but still...

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In November/December we vacated our rental house in San Jose because of major plumbing issues (the main sewer line totally collapsed and it was under the foundation, which was missing a footing and sinking). It was an almost 900 square foot 1910s 2 bed, 1 bath. I can't even begin to list all the things wrong with the place. While they did fix the foundation issue at least to bring it up to code, everything else was planned to be covered up. Owner and property manager talked with trades folks in front of us.

It was listed at $950K in January and it's under contract now.

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I grew up in Northern Lower & UP MI and the grate lanes gave me such anxiety as a child. The noise it makes and seeing water through is disconcerting. Roads should be solid. We did go over in winter months, but you always checked the weather before!

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Eons ago when they beat Florida for the first time in forever, the goal posts ended up in the Fort and the fire station cut up pieces for people to take. I think CBS tried to sue the school for the cost of the cameras on the goal posts. That case went no where fast. Lots of people had little pots with grass/turf from the field afterwards. One friend at the game got knocked down in the stands by people rushing the field and broke her wrist. Because of the chaos she ended up being seen by the Florida trainers while waiting to get out near where Spurrier was giving his post game press conference.

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But I've been avoiding all the people when possible and wearing a 3M respirator mask when in public due to immune system issues. Not sure that makes me lucky, tho. :-P

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Peeps need to watch out for the squirrels!

Hope the treatment works and isn't too terrible.

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I was in the hospital for a month after and then it took another 60 days to get off the major restrictions. That's about when I was feeling more "normal" again. I'm still on few different immunosuppressants. I just had my 1 year anniversary, and should've been off most of them by now, but I got pneumonia around Christmas and that delayed things. All things considered things are going well, so that's what I focus on.

Sending you all the good, healing thoughts possible!!

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I know it's too late now, but did they ever consider Evusheld for you? It's also a monoclonal antibodies therapy, but I think it's only being used prophylactically. In addition to the vaccine, I was given two doses of it (which are supposed to last 6 months). It's supposed to prevent or reduce Covid infections in immunocompromised. There was some studies that showed it didn't work as well with the first Omicron variant, but they doubled the dose to compensate and it's supposed to be really good with the new BA.5 variant.

Not much help now, but in case immunocompromised didn't know about it.

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Eeeeep! I hope it's a mild case and you're able recover fully. As a fellow transplant/ immunocompromised peep, this is one of my nightmares (Bone Marrow, not organ). I'm literally never taking off my Vader mask in public again!!

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"Cheeto Jesus tried to take the wheel"