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No Rock N' Rye?

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I'm in San Jose (sort of) and for the most part it hasn't been totally terrible. The air quality has really varied, but I don't think we've reached your levels. My weather app said it was in the 180s once. Though, there have been times where I've been out for a second and noticed breathing issues.

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For me it's part of my moving to California memories. We moved to Los Gatos and Big Basin was the easy "take out of towners to see the big redwoods" spot. Went there for convenience, but fell in love with the park.

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I saw a short video of a tree burning from the inside in Big Basin on Twitter yesterday. That thread had a bunch of.other photos.

I haven't been to Big Basin in a while, but I always loved going there.

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The phone calls are what got me! The way the story is balanced between the crimes and McNamara allowed me enough distance to deal with the horror of it all.

But then that call at the start of episode 3.....


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That's what I thought too, but according to this CNN report the supply is running out.

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I so miss Pacifica! Especially on days like today. when there's 20+ degree. temp difference. Oh cursed bright star, when will you be blotted out!!

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In this case it seems like darth™ wanted his followers to see the reply. If you're not following both people, you don't necessarily see replies. Kind of a quote tweet after the fact.

But the ":LOOK AT ME!!!!!!" explanation probably still applies.

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My favorite Onion articles:

Study Reveals: Babies Are Stupid
Area Bassist Fellated

Both are so old they aren't on the Onion anymore (How is Angelfire still around?!?!), though the bassist story is available in an abbreviated form for the Onion Radio News

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Years ago a Baking with Julia episode showed how to do this, at least with fresh food. Maybe it was another episode, but I vaguely remember the chef saying you use the outer leaves of cabbage, too (anything with that dusty bloom on it).

[youtube fXvVpSg16Bo youtube]