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You need the tartness of the Granny Smiths to cut the sweetness of the rest of the "salad". Also adds crunch.

It's all about balance.


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The higher the hair the closer to god!

There was a way too long YouTube video of her engagement party (some D-list former actor) that was just ridiculous. Someone sent it too me before I heard about her killing people.


It says only 5+ minutes, but it seemed like it went on forever when I originally watched.

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Thanks for the welcome, but I've been around for a while. Lurking about, commenting on cooking and soccer posts, mostly. =)

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Not a cake, but I do love these blueberry muffins from America's Test Kitchen.

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[youtube lE1bS-Mn2Mk youtube]

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After I had the second one I did question the accuracy of the first. Not sure that it matter, tho.

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Yeah, and I think the tests vary. I had two tests recently in two different hospitals (there for other reasons) The first time it was with a long cotton swab and I barely felt anything. The next time it was with something that almost felt like a pipe cleaner/scrub brush with the nurse counting to 10 with "One Mississippi. Two Mississippi..." The second one was almost unbearable.

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Maybe the salt also does something to counteract this, but I would be worried soaking in the buttermilk so long would make the meat spongy, or mushy. I've only ever soaked chicken in buttermilk (or yogurt) and even bone-in you can't leave it too long, otherwise the texture of the cooked meat is weird, IMO. But I've never added enough salt to the buttermilk like a brine, and turkey is a little tougher than chicken. Buttermilk soaked chicken is tasty.

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I'm not a huge fan of many IP recipes, so I may not be the best recommender, but I make these two recipes all the time.

Black Eyed Peas and Greens (vegan)
IP Carnitas

I use chipotle in adobe for the jalapenos in both recipes, because that's what tend to have around (and their heat levels are more consistent).

ETA: I don't pre-soak the peas overnight. I either add a few minutes to the cooking time, or do a quick soak with hot/boiling water while I get the ingredients prepped.

We also make a lot of steel cut oats. The timer option overnight FTW!!

I think the oats and carnitas recipes are technically against manufacturer's guidelines, but I've never had problems.

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No Rock N' Rye?