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This Twitter thread with a possible explanation was interesting.

While the original tweet/post about it was weird, it did remind of being a kid at a neighbors house. They had cable and didn't kick us out while they ate. We could continue to watch TV, but weren't invited to dinner. They weren't feeding the whole neighborhood. Though, I did live in an area with a lot of Nordic settlers, so....

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I'm still not vaccinated, because I'm on various immunosuppressants post-transplant. BUT I had to get cleared by a dentist prior to transplant and was happy with all their precautions. They have you wait outside until they are ready for you and text you when to come in (you text them to let them know you've arrived). You wash your hands and then gargle with a peroxide rinse. Although it is not a private room for the cleanings (3/4 wall between stations), they keep a blank station in between patients. And finally, all the staff were masked and you had to mask when not getting work done. Not sure if the masking has changed, since the country dropped that requirement.

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Exactly! Just have pot roast or whatever. At least then if you have the right cut, you can have some moisture in the meat.

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I'm living for the day I can finally eat runny yolks again! Srsly.

I was put on a low microbial diet for transplant. I almost cried over the no uncooked berries, no runny yolks, and only well cooked beef. The berries are back, but still waiting on runny yolks and rare beef (who eats a well-done steak?!?!).

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I had that Little People A-frame House, too! I totally forgot about it, but I loved ringing the bell on the porch and annoying my older brother. I think it came with a dog Little Person. :-)

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Someone near us has an avocado tree and the squirrels are always dropping half eaten avocados in our yard. The first time we found one, I was like, "WTF is going on?!?" But then we caught them on camera carrying avocados as big as them. O_o

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They do!

My sister works for 3M and she's always offering them to me (I don't use). I'm not sure where they are sold. She gets them for like 50 cents from the company store.

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Oh no! So sorry to hear this. Sending positive, healing thoughts your and brother's ways.

My brother (he is truly a saint) took care of my mom in her last years (she had a cancer-like condition). It was so up and down, back and forth. Take care of yourself as best you can.

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Thanks, fingers crossed.

It's wild out there!!!

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I just can't anymore.

Not to be a oversharing lurker, but I was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year. I'm super lucky to be close to Stanford Medical Center and things are going well. I still needed a bone marrow transplant, which happened this summer with a "perfect match." And things continue to do well. I'm clear of any cancer. But I'm still in treatment.

Today people were arguing with the security guards about having to wear a mask to enter the CANCER CENTER! Like let me talk to the manager, hold the line in forever, then begrudgingly, half-assedly putting on the surgical mask at a CANCER CENTER!!!!!!!!!!


This is not an Applebee's, Karen!!!