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True connoisseurs buy from Tom O'Dell and Cutlery Corner

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There's a place in San Jose--Hoagie Steak Out--that has a Kogi Cheese Steak, which is tasty, but this looks much better.

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I've heard of the stew callaloo, but I didn't know it was name of the green too. Interesting. I did wonder if you ever officially id-ed it.

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I've never heard of eating amaranth greens, just the grain, but people eat all sorts of greens.

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Weird, even if you crush or cut? I think Peanut is right, it looks more like Thai basil--the stems are the thicker, darker and the edges of the leaves are more jagged. Both have Sweet (Genovese) basil and Thai have a licorice flavor to me, but have different tastes/styles.

I am a Spurs fan <Prices is Right Loser Horn.wav>. Thanks. I'm okay with Kane leaving. He's been wanting to go for years now and at least it's not in Premier League. That would kill me (not prepared for Poch this season either tbh). Lloris makes me sad. They should've (slowly) replaced him a while back, but he's been a great keeper for 10 years and now he's just skulking around in the shadows looking for a new team. Looks like that's almost resolved, but it still feels like he deserves more.

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Does this one smell basil-y? That's what it looks like to me, but there are other herbs/greens it might be.

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At the same time Crasstalk started surging again, I had 3 friends in real life who were previously Novid come down with Covid (two were super cautious) in the last few weeks. It scary out there! Hope everyone gets the good meds and heals up quickly.

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My parents were super Catholic and I remember the white, Christ candle in the center of their advent candle ring.

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It varies. A lot of authors/publishers will say they're an Amazon Best Seller if they get the orange Best Seller tag on the book page That doesn't always mean they were #1. That goes by top sellers in subcategories (Fantasy Humor, Paranormal Vampire Romance, etc). Some of the subcategories can be smaller and need fewer sales to hit to top 100. Although Amazon tries to make the system somewhat opaque (and changes often), people do game them system categorizing their books in less active subcategories.