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That is a legitimate strategy.

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Even though I'm blocked, happy Crassiversary to you all.

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Very well.
Having tripped and fallen up my own ass, I will retire from further commenting.

I was warned, I was manic and didn't listen, so be it.
Bots, thanks for handling this entire situation like shit and judging before asking any sort of questions and jumping to assumptions you know nothing about.

Everyone else, thanks for the fun times. It's been surreal. I'll live and learn and hopefully won't make the same boneheaded mistakes next time.

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I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me, Bots.
The way she went about doing what she did was the reason I was so upset last week.
We're not better but we're getting there.

Also, I'm not sure how you managed to reply to a comment that was deleted. I get that you're in charge, but does that mean that all of my comments, deleted or not, are sitting on your server somewhere? Because if so I'm not sure I like posting here anymore.

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Check back in next week for the continuing saga.

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I'm a gun owner and I'm very much behind my Second Amendment rights, and at the same time I'm quite supportive of what President Obama's trying to do.
This is not about keeping weapons out of the hands of Americans. This is about better standards of mental health care and better civic accountability.

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Are there any San Diego or Southern California-based Crasstalkers?
I've never been to any meetups before and I want that to be a thing that happens sometime before my untimely demise.

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Just say no.

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At least I've learned to ITR things properly. That way no one who doesn't want to read the day's installment of 50 Shades of Sweater Vest (a comedic jibe that I'm stealing for myself because honestly it made me chuckle and frown at the same time) has to.