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Much agreed. By my estimation he was a scapegoat for WCW's demise. All of the blame was projected onto him due to he being the last to run it. Russo seemed to truly care about the wrestlers for whom he was writing; everyone had a gimmick that worked for them.

Did he have some stinkers? Sure, but who wouldn't? By and large, however, he knew how to connect and hone in on their qualities to get each and every one over. And in all fairness, WCW was on its last leg when he came aboard.

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Before I looked at your name I was going to say that I tend to agree... Anyway, yeah, I thought the same, but after seeing them allow him to take a powerbomb on the ring apron, I'd say he's 150%.

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There's certainly some irony there. I guess now it'll just be Stone Cold Steve.

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He often does. Not sure what you're missing, as he said Braun needs pushed and the Reigns affair has to end. It's also the title of his column.

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Not sure why anyone would disagree with you. If this story is true, then yeah, that kinda sounds like that's what the man did.

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Not sure what that has to do with 205, but I can't disagree with you. Certainly one of the better intros.

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The man needs a manager; plain and simple. With a little creativity, Nakamura could be built up to be silent killing machine.

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Dang, Usos just keep getting better and better on the mic.

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Made me vomit as well, bud.

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Thank you. That's the funniest dang thing I've read all day.