Kin Corn Karn

Kin Corn Karn


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5 years ago @ - Live Coverage - WWE Mo... · 0 replies · +14 points

So Owens quit or no? Did ANYONE maybe think don't send him down for the brawl??

5 years ago @ - New WWE Universal Cham... · 0 replies · +7 points

Vince bamboozled me with the cash in announcement...pretty genius actually, kept the crowd from shitting on the match and still got where he wanted to be

5 years ago @ - WWE Pulls Elias Concer... · 0 replies · +17 points

Just so I am clear...a 13 match card needed a 25 minute concert added to it?

5 years ago @ - "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan... · 0 replies · -1 points

New nWo: Owens, Miz and a turned heel Cena, book it!

5 years ago @ - *LIVE COVERAGE* OF TON... · 0 replies · +1 points

THAT much of a dumbass!

5 years ago @ - Mr. Tito - MR. TITO ST... · 1 reply · +4 points

Man...that was a good one, great read! Am I right in you insinuating that Punk sort of sealed his own fate having those great matches with Taker and especially Brock? Do you think if Brock didn't look as good as he did at SS with Punk, would we still be where we are right now? Or was that just one little piece of the big puzzle?

5 years ago @ - Becky Lynch receives a... · 0 replies · +8 points

Great wrestler? Check. Unbelievable and unique looking at the same time? Check. Super personality? Check! She looks like someone who is just cool to hang out with. The fact that she isn't the poster girl for the women is beyond me, I just don't get what the problem is.

5 years ago @ - MR. TITO STRIKES BACK ... · 0 replies · +6 points

I don't get why this is Bryan's return feud. So, you put a small guy coming off a major injury in a match with a hoss where he'll need to bump his a$$ off? Makes no sense to me one bit

5 years ago @ - *LIVE COVERAGE* OF TON... · 0 replies · +1 points

I actually think she's quite attractive...but I mean she's probably nothing like the girls you are pulling at the KFC drive thru right? I mean they HAVE to talk to you there, what a gig!!

5 years ago @ - *LIVE COVERAGE* OF TON... · 1 reply · +8 points

Iconics are absurdly hilarious. It's probably not as funny as i think it is, but because I know they are trying to be over the top ridiculous it kills me