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There are not enough thumbs in the world to put up for this comment.

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He didn't say any person shouldn't be allowed to fly the flag. He said it shouldn't be on government buildings, since at the very least it was born out of treason (betrayal of the country). Seems like a lot of people are ignoring that part just to spout off about how much they hate political correctness.

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Both flags represent the idea that some people are less human than other people. Yeah, pretty comparable.

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He flat out says he thinks anyone should be able to fly the Confederate flag, no matter how stupid it makes them look. He said the flag shouldn't be flown at government buildings. Where they also do not fly any "gay" flags, whatever the hell that means.

Read what a person says, and then respond to that rather than just spouting off about nothing.

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Pretty sure that was the joke. The only people more surprising than Chyna would be a woman that hates the company for "killing" her husband, or a dead guy.

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The announcement for the December show says Brock will be on it. It does NOT say that it will be his first show back. So we can stop wringing our hands about how he won't be around in November, because absolutely nothing in this post says that.

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You can't possibly say what the majority of the IWC is crapping on at any given time. You read a few comments. People have different reasons for commenting on one thing or another. A lot of people comment only when they want to complain about something, so there will ALWAYS be a lot of complaints. People are just more likely to make the effort to comment when they're pissed.

That said, Angle is one of my all-time favorites and I would really love to see him back in WWE for one last pre-Hall of Fame run. If this post is right (and there's no reason to believe it is), then hopefully next year.

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"... the WWE CHIMP-ion!"

Man has a hard time with his "A"s. Made me laugh every time.

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Along with what's already been said, I want to focus on the "not enough belts to feud over" line. My favorite Kurt Angle match / feud was with Shawn Michaels. No belt. The best feud in WWE right now is Ambrose against Rollins. No belt.

WWE needs to focus on better non-title storytelling and the titles become more important by extension.

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Exactly the opposite of how I figured they'd handle Lesnar's absence. Heyman should be on TV every week shoving it down the fans' throats how Lesnar is too good to sully himself by being in front of an unworthy crowd week in and week out. Make people want him to lose the title so it's a bigger deal when it happens.