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Man, so many guys are going down, it's crazy. And the really bad part is alot of these injuries are to the neck. Orton, Sting, Kidd, Cody, etc...

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They should bring back Rhodes Scholars.

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That's absolutely horrible. This is the worst comment I've ever read on LOP and you should be ashamed of yourself. You're not a real fan if you want these men to go down to legit injuries. It's especially heinous when written on an article about someone fracturing their neck.

I've seen people wish legit injury on Cena, and that alone is stupid as much as I hate his character. But, to wish injury on the entire roster? Whoever it is you would actually want to get over, would probably slap you in the mouth if you said that to them about their friends and colleagues.

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Pumped for NXT Takeover London. I literally want to see every match on the card. And for the first time ever, I am more interested in seeing the divas matches than I am the men's matches. I am really excited to see Asuka vs. Emma. Emma was a beast before the women's revolution. She's been swept away since her failed main roster launch, but she's still one of the best wrestlers on both brands. Asuka, on the other hand, may very well end up being the best signing NXT has ever made in the women's division. (If not her, it will be Sasha Banks). With Emma wrestling a more aggressive style and Asuka, well...being Asuka, that match has the potential to be awesome.

I'm also intrigued to see Bayley vs. Nia Jax. Nia Jax still needs seasoning, but she has the foundation to be the Awesome Kong the WWE never got to fully utilize. She has a long way to go to be as good as Kong, but she's got the foundations for it. I'm interested to see how she does in a longer match with a top flight talent like Bayley.

Then you've got Joe and Finn, Crews and Corbin, and my favorites, Enzo and Cass going for the titles. (I hope they win it. I am just not impressed by Dash and Dawson outside of their finisher and Dawson's promo skills.). Enzo and Cass need that gold.

About the only disappointing thing about this show is there's no Jordan and Gable booked. Here's hoping they'll be in an unannounced match. Perhaps against Ciampa and Gargano again. (And they really need to utilize Ciampa and Gargano more. They've got the goods. I'd really like to see an Ambrose/Ciampa feud down the road.).

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Almost more guys on IR than on Raw these days.

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If you cover up John Cena's avatar, you honestly can't tell if it's him or Roman talking anymore.

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There is getting owned, and then there is whatever Big E. just did to Jimmy Uso. I feel for Jimmy. Because he HAS to say something back, but anything he says will never compare to shots fired of that magnitude. He lost before he even started.

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I still haven't even taken the time to see what Ric said about Mick. Good to know I didn't waste time on a non-story.

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This was pretty obvious. I figured out that he was injured a couple of weeks ago. In the tag matches for the League of Nations, he hardly ever saw any action to a point of where it looked like he was being protected. Sheamus and the others wouldn't tag him. It was really obvious when they were tagging with the New Day. Barrett was allowed like all of 10 seconds of physicality.

It really sucks that he's injury prone. This guy is someone who should've been THE main villain for the brand. It was all downhill from Summerslam vs. Cena, and the injuries just don't help. Although, as poorly as the League of Nations has been booked, it's probably not a bad thing he hasn't been able to get beat up as much as Sheamus, ADR and Rusev by Reigns.

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It says something when almost every "Biggest pops" list has multiple Steve Austin entrances. Whenever that glass broke, you know somebody was about to get a mudhole stomped in them and walked dry.

But, Jordan and Gable is a great choice. I just mentioned on another post how I want to see them in a feud with the New Day. They are like an even better version of the World's Greatest Tag Team. They have all of their wrestling and technical acumen, but with better mic skills and charisma. On the women's side, though, I think Asuka is going to be a massive breakout star. And also watch out for Alexa Bliss. She may not be on the level of a Sasha Banks wrestling wise, but her mic skills and persona are top flight. She reminds me of Trish Stratus, back when she was managing TNA. She's fine, too. But, Asuka. Asuka is the bomb.