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I like this "five things" list. I remember these whether from prior reading or hearing them and drawing the connection myself. On one of the old wwf albums, the "real american" theme had an heelish outro featuring Ventura talking about Windham and Rotunda. One that wasn't listed is actually more of remix of sorts. Big Zeke used a version of the old Brawl For All theme but with lyrics.

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Cablevision?? I need to scan the grid to see where fight network is.

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One more thing, while I am not sold on Ryder turning into a real big deal..he DID get over on his own and kinda got shut down unceremoniously. Dk if that was HHH or ppl just not believing Zack could sustain it.

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Full disclosure, I am a black wrestling fan..from cryme tyme's hometown. That said, I don't know exactly what their experience in the wwe was like, but I do know that there are some situations where you do sit back and wonder about. At the end of the day, it may be a combination of a lot of things as far as having a black face of the wwe. In spite of having a black president, the country itself isn't post racial the way some proclaim(pick up a newspaper) .And maybe fan attitudes could play a part in why things are the way they are. At the end of the day, ya gotta find a way to appeal to the mass fanbase in a way that makes them buy in. We have seen black musical artists crossover to mainsteam audiences, it may be a matter of time before we see a similar thing happen in wrestling. I probably need to sit back and think on the topic a little more, but it sparks a good debate. Now JTG's comments may hinder opportunities for himself down the lind, but he is speaking his thoughts. Now queue the JTG cant wrestle, references to The Rock and race doesnt matter comments lol.

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Guess it shows how broad of a cross section the wrestling fanbase draws from. People from all walks of life and interests enjoy the product.

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Definitely sounds like a weird troll. I like TNA and all, but not too many people are out there willing to do pro bono work at a job that has inherent physical danger. At the same time, something has gotta give with the financials. I don't want TNA to end up like ECW. For me, more wrestling programming on tv is good for all the fans of the business.

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I think they should work together in the future. But I'd like LU to really have some time to establish itself as its own brand(even though it is under the AAA banner). I was a HUGE lucha libre fan and loved whenever the luchadors got an opportunity to showcase themselves in US promotions. A talent exchange would be pretty cool down the line. Like for another TNA World Cup type of situation. Even have some Japanese and Mexican talent featured on Bound For Glory.

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I'm going to be honest, I think people just have a hard time forgiving TNA for some of the silly off the wall stuff they have done in the past. But the show is actually pretty solid and has been for a while. They have built up a decent level of talent. And even the former WWF guys they use, have a fresh feel to them(they are not just re-treading their old personas and such). Its not going to compete with the WWE for a multitude of reasons, but if you give it a fair, its a good alternative(or additional) wrestling product. It adds to the available wrestling content that us wrestling fans get on tv.

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don't think this was a AAA show, and I think someone said that the EMT's were backstage tending to workers who were injured in a prior match. Sadly, it usually takes a tragedy to cause reform and advances in standards. Hell, I was studying to be a fire safety director and its amazing how far along NYC fire codes and regulations have come over the years. Those changes usually came after tragic events. I think the main thing that will arise here will be additional medical staff backstage or at ringside during shows.

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Yeah man. This is a tough lucha death for me because I was a big fan of his as well. The last lucha death that caught me off guard like this was Abismo Negro's. Got a chance to watch Perro Jr grow from being the son of a legend into a star in his own right.