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Attention Lords of Pain visitors:

Learn how to abuse and manipulate LoP's broken comment system. Vote infinite times. Avoid being banned. Get around bands. Troll like a boss. Spam your website or blog. Have fun with sockpuppets. Just follow the link above this comment (or just go to

And if you want a better website than Lords of Pain, check out It has a superior comment system, it isn't diminished by a douchebag columnist who bans those who don't kiss his ass, and breaks news faster than LoP.

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You were pretty solid on most of your points, except when you spoke to my motives. I wasn't calling this injury, or Rock's, a work. I was just poking fun at Rock's outlandish claims and obvious photoshop. Considering Rock missed a hyped Raw appearance and a premier for his latest movie, I'm going to go ahead and believe Rock was injured, but was also full of shit.

It's too early for me to posit an opinion about Cena's injury being real or not.

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T_Rex, you're one hell of a valet. You always take good care of my Bentley when I'm dining at Chez de Taureau Merde.

And RBKilla continues to brag on the internet about the phantom pussy he's getting. He gave up on trying to convince he's just trying to convince himself.

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"As someone who actually gets laid regularly..."

Oh boy. A loser lying about how many chicks he's bagged on the internet. How banal.

" Less big words, more content."

I'm sorry you're an idiot, but I refuse to dumb down my posts so your stupid ass can keep up. It wouldn't be fair to the non-idiots.

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Sure, this story has nothing to do with The Rock, and I'm sorry you're too much of a blithering idiot to understand the concept of citing parallel circumstances (an injury involving tendons and a doubt about the legitimacy of said injury) in a discussion.

And, I wasn't aware this was a competition between myself and The Rock. I'm also pretty sure he's not aware of the competition. I also question the logic of using money as the metric to judge your mythical competition by.

You truly are an artisan in the medium of stupidity.

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UPDATE: Cena's Achilles tendon was torn completely off his Achilles bone. He insists he doesn't need surgery and instead physical rehab will magically re-attach the tendon.

Doctors, however, are advising Cena get the surgery, followed by Cena twitter-posting a badly photoshopped picture of himself in a hospital bed wearing a Superman shirt.

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Remember when the lively post-WrestleMania crowd was doing soccer chants, "We are awesome!" chants, and the wave during the Orton v Sheamus match? And remember how conventional IWC wisdom said the crowd was entertaining itself because the action in the ring was so lame?

Anyone wish to posit a theory as to why tonight's crowd engaged in much the same behavior during the Ziggler v Jericho match?

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It doesn't matter how many counter-examples I produce from PPVs or Raw where the show ends with Cena laid out in defeat...this moronic claim of "Derp! Cena ALWAYS wins!" will never die.

Selective memory loss does not make your case any stronger.

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Most people don't care to watch a legitimate sporting event if it was pre-taped and not live.

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If the vast majority of the show was "pitiful" in my opinion, I wouldn't bother watching it on DVR. I especially wouldn't stay up until 1 am to watch it. Especially if it wasn't live. Especially if I had already read the results.