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Everyone complains about them, but I like the 2K games. But then, I play them like a kid plays with action figures in that I come up with my own story lines and play them out using the game. If I played the games as they are intended by completing whatever challenge to advance wherever.. that's boring. For me, my way is a lot better.

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To this day, I still remember being in awe as a child as Vader made his WCW debut against the late Tom "Z-Man" Zenk. RIP Vader. Z-Man wants another match.

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That's true, but most people don't think about the details. Once Cole starts going on and on how Lesnar is the longest reigning modern day champion, Punk's accomplishments will be quickly forgotten. And I could see that being Vince's (or Triple H's) ultimate goal.. I mean, they did make a point of firing the guy on his wedding day.

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I don't mind Reigns; although he comes off as a natural heel to me and I don't understand why WWE won't push him in that way. (Same with Ambrose.) I was legit curious what old timer was hating on him this month.

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I took that as a joke, but considering how athletic she is - I mean, the girl can go! Is she wrong? Then again, she does have a family history of mental illness, so, there is that. Still, I read it as her joking.

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I immediately thought of AJ Lee.

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That's the only reason WWE made the change. Fans would have gotten over it, but lose that sponsorship money... Oh no! You want change, go after the real money.

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I think it could work well in WWE. EC3 could be marketed as coming to WWE to restore honor to his family name and be booked as a self-entitled, upper class, snob. He could also be booked as a whackjob with a vendetta against the McMahons.

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I'm looking forward to seeing Rousey perform, but she's looking like a deer in headlights these first weeks in WWE. I hope she finds her comfort zone sooner than later before WWE writes her off.

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LoL.. Considering everything Triple H stands to lose if that relationship ends, Stephanie could do whatever the F*** she wants to do.