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Oy. So they get the title off of Lesnar and immediately have it take a backseat to a stable feud that then consumes a broad swath of show time. They take a guy who is extremely over and stick him in a nonsensical heel stable of guys who have made their careers as singles wrestlers. They devalue not one, but TWO singles titles, AND THE TAG TITLES (!!!!) with the same stable feud. Great.

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Lars teaming with someone and NOT destroying them when they lose?

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Maybe make it fun again.

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Sorry, Becky's not the heel here, and shame on these idiots for thinking that they could turn her heel in a traditional way and have any other result.

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What the hell happened on this show? Ugh.

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I *pray* this is the time they finally get back on track with him. Yeah, he's doughy. Yeah, he doesn't have "the prototypical look." All that aside, the man is a great wrestler who deserves better than the schlock he's gotten for the last year.

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This is the most cogent thing I've seen you write on this site, and it's 100% right,

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So did they actually do a one off shield powerbomb for no reason?

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If you want to optimally use a three man Freebird-style team in a gimmick match like HIAC (if the match takes place in one), there's no reason Sanity shouldn't win this.

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WWE sure know how to pick a winner.