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I'd personally put Zayn/Owens in third place. Incredible storytelling. And Cena/Styles Summerslam has been done a real disservice. Should at least have the spot of the triple threat.

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I doubt Show is quick enough for the Wyatt blackout disappearance. Even if he is, you'd probably see his feet sticking out from under the ring.

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Jesus Christ. I know the bar specifically states "Big Dog's chocolate". But I didn't think a tiny piece could hurt my small dog and now he's having fits on the carpet and puking up blood.

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He thought this venture into MMA through about as much as he did that "Couldn't beat my meat" line.

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This book is on the list!.

I feel I should specify that I mean my shopping list.

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Look at the gut on the dude fighting Lashley. And this isn't UFC, so he ain't no Big Country.

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They only gave the Michaels/Hart beef one frame..

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Surprised John Cena didn't put Goldberg through a table to send the crowd home happy.

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No escape during Hell in a Cell matches apparently. Obviously Foley flying off the top was a glitch in the Matrix.

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Honestly, sparkle crotch wouldn't have been that bad if he didn't say it over and over again. It wasn't on "Tater Total" level. Decent promo from Seth otherwise.