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I have a rather funny personal story involving Rosey. My friend used to wrestle on the indie circuit in Ohio and I would accompany him to his shows. I helped assemble the rings and on occasion did security (I'm 5'11, 180 pounds, overweight with very little muscle, I basically just stood around watching the matches instead of the crowd.) Well, Rosey was booked at this one show I was at, and the promoter chose ME to be Rosey's bodyguard while he sold merch and did autographs. Rosey was like, 3× my size, but for some reason I was purposed with being the lone security guard assigned to him. It was hilarious. When he asked what I was doing loitering around him I told him and we both laughed and joked about it.

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I'm going with PWG. It's incredible.

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Lmao. Rocky Mountain Pro is on the HUNT Channel.

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Hopefully this isn't the end of Hideo Itami's WWE run.

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Exactly. And he hasn't answered that hypocrisy yet.

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Okay, then using your logic, show me the evidence that Bill Clinton raped anybody. Show me the gulty verdicts. I'm not a fan of Hillary, Bill, or Trump. I despise all 3. But please, show me how the Bill Clinton allegations are any different than the Donald Trump ones.

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Trump made those same visits to Jeffrey Epstein and has been accused of rape and pedophilia. Should we ignore that, too?

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I recall listening to her and Mike Bennet on the Ross Report podcast. What she said about Donald Trump's behavior towards women backstage in WWE was pretty revealing. This was long before any of his past remarks came to light and she was still on the fence.

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Good lord. This is ridiculous! Billy Corgan, what are you doing!?!? That's 2 championships changing hands after extremely short runs!

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I never knew I shared the same birthday as Eddie Guerrero. That's freaking awesome!