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He does that to troll. He thinks talking like a carny makes him sound smart.

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No, but they did cut off Val’s penis once and Undertaker still to this day summons lightning. Sometimes wrestling isn’t about what’s believable.

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Can we just stop bringing him back? He adds zero value to any storyline he's in and I honestly think he is the lowest point of Ambrose's title reign.

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But why have him debut with them at all? Just have them called up to the main roster alone. They split up groups all the time without mentioning it. The whole thing was just odd.

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I’m pretty sure Ambrose isn’t 100%. He hasn’t taken any big bumps and he’s been handled with a lot of care. Most of his offense is strikes or moves that don’t involve him falling too hard.

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Except that you did.

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So not only do they flat out ignore that KO quit last week, but they toss him into the random group of heels who attack the Shield for no reason. Okay WWE.

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WWE has ALWAYS engineered cheers. That’s how a babyface works. People just like playing smark and pretending they’re above cheering someone because they think recognizing these methods makes them rebels. It has to be exhausting to deliberately hate something you choose to watch every week because you supposedly enjoy it.

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But that's true though. Spear is a tackle. Powerbomb is a body drop. That's why there's nothing wrong with saying the Rainmaker is a glorified clothesline. This is wrestling and there's absolutely nothing wrong with putting a spin on a boring ole move to make it a finisher.

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That's not to say that I agree that it's a bad finisher. JBL had a clothesline, Rock had an elbow drop, Hogan had a "running" leg drop. Its ALL about how people sell the move. People would do literal flips to Bradshaw's clothesline with made it look terrifying to take. Some people sell the Rainmaker like a million bucks.