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Yet another excellent article that takes no prisoners and straight to the point. "The British National Party – Fighting For The Civil Rights And Freedoms Of The British People" would be a good start.

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Excellent post Samba. We shall arise as one.

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I saw this first hand in Wrexham at how the postal votes changed everything when they were brought out at the end. At the end of the final count B.N.P votes were less than we expected for the tally there was a feeling of shock and bewilderment amongst ourselves We are sure but can't prove it, that a pile of our votes vanished. Democracy Liebour style it sucks pure and simple.

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This is disgraceful to our forefathers who fought for freedom and democracy of this country. Allowing Afghans, every Abdul, Mohammed and whoever to vote in our elections. The Soldiers can't vote this is Treason. The 3 main party's "Revolution is coming you will not silence us natives"

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Well said Simon as usual the NON-ENTITIES couldn't answer the questions directly, same old drivel from Mcshane BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.

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Sounds like it was a great hustings. A heartfelt thanks must go out to Churches Together in Salisbury and the Dean of Salisbury, the Very Revd June Osborne, for allowing free speech and Democracy. It is just a shame that the Marxist tabloids stick to their anti B.N.P agenda by not printing any quotes.
Wish you the very best Sean on May 6th B.N.P all the way.

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How inspiring to see a young lady with so much passion. Wishing you the very best Shelley.

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The bleeding human rights brigade will be straight onto his case of what hardships this specimen has had and how misguided he is. I say b******s yet another invader who sneers at Liebours multi-cultural Britain. He should be deported immediately and never allowed to set foot in this country again.

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I hope that this imbecile is tracked down and brought to justice no doubt an unwashed soap dodger. If anything were to happen to Nick (god forbid) that to me would be like lighting the ignition switch, as we can only take so much.

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Hats off to Bognor Regis Civic Society (CiViC), for allowing Mr Moffat to participate in the debate. They stood their ground no doubt under extreme pressure from the Lib/lab/Con candidates. Democracy at last and the cowards slipped away into the dark with their tails between their legs. Very best of luck Andrew.