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Everyone should read this article. We're not allowed to say these things out in the open or course because that is classed as racist. Just look at what our current prime minister thinks of honest working class brits who tackle the subject of immigration - none of the three main parties will do enough to put a stop to this infestation
I believe mass immigration like this has ruined our country and stripped us of our national identity. We need to get it back. To hell with political correctness, we need honesty and common sense and we need these BNP policies - NO MORE MOSQUES, BAN THE BURKA, STOP IMMIGRATION
This is the only choice we have. Good luck to all our candidates standing in this election

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This is beyond belief, how the hell have we allowed our country to become such a joke.
It's heartbeaking.
I just hope that people wake up and vote BNP and aren't brainwashed by the media lies
We are second class citizens in our own country

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Good luck to you all and thanks for all your hard work

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Really happy to see the growth due to the hard work of our fellow patriots and the other end of the country.
Good luck, will keep a look out for you on election night.
Lots of love from London xx

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Great news, I hope that people all over Britain wake up and take a similar stance.
We have been bullied for long enough into submission and into pretending that this multicultural experiement is working, and if we dare to say anything, we're racist. Not anymore, this is our country and we shouldn't have to keep our mouths shut and stand at the back of the queue
BRITS UNITE - VOTE BNP, the last chance to save our country

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Always great to read up on Back Country's progress.
Well done to all of you, keep up the good work! Hope you see some great rewards for your hard work in the election

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Fantastic poster! Hope to see more around
This says it all, the BNP are the only ones against this farse of a war, the only ones against immigration and the only ones who give us true Brits a voice at all.

Go BNP all the way!!

They really are the last hope for our country

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Another example of failed multicultral Britain. The photos are so clear that I can't believe that these little b*****ds can't be traced and punished. Sad to say, but if it were white youths attacking Asian youths this would be splashed over the national media and the police would make sure they tracked down the criminals. Most of the media only like to report on politically correct issues and won't give us the hard facts and figures we see on this website.
The governenment and media are involved in a great big cover up and try to brain wash us into thinking that multicultural Britain is a good idea.
I hope our people wake up in time before we are totally over run and there won't be enough of us to make our voice count

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Mazzzz, couldn't agree with you more! Immigration is also a major issue for me. BNP is the ONLY party for me, the others won't even talk about it, let alone do anything about it. We need a party in power that will replace political correctness with common sense and give us our country back!

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Yes I agree, excellent comment! I won't hold my breath either
These countries did benefit and I'm quite tired of hearig about how ethnic minorities who live in our country have been wronged by us.
We also have a history but it is hushed up in favour of more politically correct topics