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Thankyou GA , a very moving piece. We also watched the programme and expressed the same sentiments as you on the waste of life and the disgusting way in which politicians since have taken away our freedom and want to take away our right to exist as a nation. I have two great-uncles lost in the Great war. One who had emigrated to Australia , returned to do his duty. He died on the Somme a year to the day that he joined up in Sydney. He is buried in the Heilly Station Cemetery. Many men died needlessly at Heilly Clearing station as they could not get the wounded out. The other was never found - his name is on the wall at the Tyne Cot Cemetery with so many other brave young men. Their blood still drips from the hands of these traitorous politicians - as does the blood of every man , woman and child killed in conflict since the birth of our nation.

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Excellent ! About time this was said Well done for highlighting once again the real reson our troops are dying in that fly-blown cesspit. I have had a number of emails from ' whingers' lately who can't stand change and can't believe those they believed friends were actually traitorous enemies. Get over it and support Nick Griffin and the party. He does a fantastic and dangerous job and deserves all the praise and support we can give.

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Obama is pro-muslim yet his campaign was payrolled by Jewish bankers...

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The woman should be in jail - not standing for the labour leadership. Encouraging violence towards the named members on the BNP list for a start.. As far as labourt policy is concerned she is perfect.- tell people it's wrong to have your children educated privately ( as labour buggered up the state education) and then have your own child educated privately. Oh , then come out with the lie that he was bullied by racits in the state school.

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I have not had a comment accepted since the new site was set up. I don't undrrstand the save and review system at all!

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I was in the bank recently and a pillar box and her husband were waiting in the queue. To quieten their moaning three-year-old, the pillar box gets a recently purchased toy water gun out of her bag, unwraps it and hands it over to the boy. He then proceeded to shoot up the bank customers, pausing very professionally to unload imaginary spent magazine and reload new ones. He weaved in and out of desks and chairs like a trained killer. I can only imagine the sort of television this kid has been encouraged to watch - it sure wasn't anything on ceebeebies.

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Hear Hear! They will show an advert for pregnancy testers with an immigrant woman looking wistfully at the tester hoping that she is pregnant and show this filth to encourage abortion for whites.

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Thanks very much for you help.

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How ironic that if mad muslims got overall power in this country , which is inevitable if the BNP don't take charge , that this stupid woman will be demoted to the ranks of chattel with less importance than a dog. Or as you suggest , stoned to death for her adultery. As for Britons waking up , in my town today we saw a family of muslims who had obviously just arrived, dragging large cases on wheels and those crappy market bags stuffed with their rubbish, being shown around the town by two beaming white enablers. First stop the benefits office then lets find you a nice 4 bed council house. None available? Then we'll by one on a nice estate and in doing so lower the value of every house on the street. Sorted.

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I remember that an enormous amount of money was raised prior to the EU election because the site was under constant attack from outside forces which were said to have originated in Russia. Was this actually the case or was Simon Bennett himself responsible for the attacks, trying to undermine the BNP's effort to be elected by moving funds away from where they were needed most?