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"We could assemble a leadership, management and admin team, with the members kept out,"

With the members kept out ? Surely that's a typo...

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Sounds like a case of serial incompetence coupled with rank stupidity.

Here's hoping eddy gets the chance to start putting things right.

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I work within the steel industry and have done for many years. Relatively speaking, it's on its knees, but slowly getting slightly better. Right now gas is the primary fuel but for our long term strategic outlook everything should be diversified as much as possible 'in house'

Lot of discussion and planning would be required regarded protected markets, punitive tariffs etc.. but there is no reason why with careful planning, and some level of compromise, it wouldn't work.

Expect MASSIVE opposition from the unions though... hell right now I know of three union reps that have stated to all and sundy that should they ever see any solidarity leaflets etc... they will instantly destroy them.. this from the so called liberal and tolerant... as if.

Some of what is needed would require subsidies though, especially in the infancy of revival, which as far as I am aware is illegal now due to our membership of the Eu disaster... Leaving that would be a requirement for taking full control of our own future again.

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Lol, I've been getting the begging texts already asking for more cash.... deleted after reading.. Not getting any more of my cash until things start to look above board.

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Good article. (Corrected, thanks)

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Things within the party heirarchy are really looking more and more squalid as time goes on...

Here's hoping it can all be turned round and the important work needing to be done, get backs to being the number one focus.

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Sad to say, but to another outsider (non member) but previously financial supporter, it looks like the start of terminal decline unless many things change.

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This just emphasises how they believe they rule the area they live in and can intimidate and attack anyone they think shouldn't be there.

And the politicians have the gall to say there are no no-go areas... ?

Sickening, but only the beginning i'm afraid.

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Oh they will... just not yet.

The time isn't right just yet but the ground has been seeded with muslim MP's in all three main parties. Imagine the following scenario for a moment...

1. Hundreds of MP's and thousands of councillors through muslim voting majorities in major cities are in parliament and local government.
2. They are spread across the main parties so no suspicion is raised about their motives.
3. The electoral comission registers the first muslim party in the UK.
4. All those ALREADY ELECTED MP's and councillors suddenly leave their current party, and join en-masse the new muslim party while continuing in office, just as MP's do now who go independent or switch parties but carry on...
5. Oooh, what's that, a muslim party with hundreds of MP's and thousands of councillors, that can count 100% on the block vote of the muslim population of the country, which is only going to get bigger and bigger...

Nightmare scenario ???

Watch this space...

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Reverse racism in all its pernicious glory.

Amazing how the so-called liberal left are silent whenever it's done by anyone considered a minority or part of the "special" club...