fed up with Brown

fed up with Brown


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As a freelance IT Consultant, I have noticed how the number of Indians being employed at client sites has increased dramatically so that British contractors are finding jobs more scarce. This hypocritical government has sided with business in deliberately putting people's jobs at risk by fast streaming cheap labour from abroad. No, the BNP is not a bunch of thugs and skinheads, they are made up of professional people like myself who just want British jobs protected so we can work!

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...and the Gypsies who give away goldfish to kids in the fair are exempt from this I presume?

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Maybe the Head Teacher could show the BBC how it's done?

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Looks like Maxwell trained them well. He would have been proud!

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As our PM has led the outcry over Russia's involvement in preventing Georgian aggression against Russian speaking minorities and our twerp Foreign Minister continuously snipes at Russia about their military involvement in Chechnya whilst hypocritically supporting Britain's involvement in two illegal wars, it is not surprising that Russia is showing it's displeasure by buzzing our borders. Had our government spent more time making an effort to engage with the bear rather than snap at it's ankles we might be seeing a different reaction. Saying that, I have only respect for our Armed Forces (in this case the RAF) who are put in an impossible position to defend our country with inferior equipment, but who manage to rise to the task in hand admirably. This government does not deserve their support.

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I look forward to speeches like that being made at Westminster! Keep up the good work, sir!

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Welcome Andrew! I am sure your skills will be of great benefit to the BNP. You are correct that this is the only party which has the gumption to speak the heresy of questioning multiculturalism. The blind obedience to this failed concept can only be described as either a conspiracy or a severe case of the Emperor's new clothes!

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More speeches like these please so that the public will see we have more than just immigration to gripe about.

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I wrote to Conservative Julian Lewis about his leader's sponsorship of the UAF and asked how he squared that support with the violent actions of the UAF. All I got back was a letter which ignored my questions and ranted on about the 'despicable BNP'. This is the same man who just spent a small fortune releasing a 4 page colour brochure trying to clear his name from some accusations made about him. How vain that he thought anyone actually cared about all this, I in fact had no idea he had been accused until he divulged it all in much detail in some form of pre-emptive strike. Foolish vain man.

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Come on chaps, you must admit feeling 'enriched' by this wise man's words......NOT!