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how wonderful, labour are going to spend millions of taxpayers pounds bribing the white communities of place like burnley, bradford Oldham , and Dagenham etc in big bribes to turn them away from the BNP, - You couldnt make it up could ya?

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in other words they will bribe the white community NOT to vote BNP by promising them with schemes like leisure centres etc then they will bus in Asian children and make them mix with the very young white kids in a new wave of schools etc

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I was in two minds, to put this video on Youtube mainly for what he said, but I felt that the world should see this blatant propaganda from what is basically a crooked Muslim cabinet member of the equally crooked New labour,

this proves beyond any doubt that we do have an islamo /marxist pact, whos only wish is to destroy the west and hand it over to the extremist muslim invaders,

You only have to look at the shower who are massing on the french coast trying to reach this country, Afghans Iraqis, turks, somalians, Its not just a coincidence that they are all Islamic places..

come to think of it, A Christian would be asylum seeker would be a fool to stay in what is now an Islamic part of Calais..

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The poor kid must have thought he was in Baghdad, shocking stuff, The Muslims are getting more and more confident by the day in this country and believe that Brum is now their turf,

WELL WE WANT IT BACK AND WE WILL GET IT BACK, start by voting for the British national party, never mind just thinking about it, its got to be NOW NOW NOW!


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watch this video, but you have been warned, please do not smash your monitor

Malik is an extremist, what right has this man to call the BNP all the things he did in the video?

anyway watch for yourselves

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The BNP would never have this kind of demonstation, because they know it would incite trouble and the BNP need this like a hole in the head

that Malik gobshite was on sky earlier he said that "the BNP are as bad as Islamic terrorists and the public should be told how dangerous they are" he mentioned copeland again claiming that he was a member at the time of the bombings,

If there was any BNP banners in Birmingham yesterday it would have made front page news, and the blame would fall 100% on the party, if other groups want to demonstrate let them, If I was not with BNP I would have been there no problem, but I dont want to bring the party into any kind of disrepute

But when the civil war starts and it will, I will be on the front line...

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I predicted this 4 weeks ago, old post below..

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I never went, even though I planned everything the night before, reason, I am quite well known for filming BNP events and that could have caused a problem, certain people seeing me there, and they would have thought BNP kept my distance, otherwise I would have done a much better vid,

Best if the BNP distance themselves from this, because if they riot, and the whole city erupts then guess who would get the blame?

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Well it seems that the police are getting prepared for an even bigger influx of Muslim invaders, only a matter of time when Turkey join and the rumours that a new passage of entry for all people from north African Islamic states to enter the EU

Reading these stories has depressed me, How can anybody condone this kind of Political correctness especially when you hear about the death of our last surviving soldier who fought in the first world war, the wonderful Harry Patch?

My great uncle was killed by a Turk on the very last day of world war one, I am sure that he and many of his comrades who perished in such wars will be spinning in their graves at 1000rpm if they had a way of seeing what has happened to our wonderful country,,

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It is perfectly natural all over the world to love your own people, country, traditions etc, that is what most BNP people believe in, like I said perfectly natural, but never in a million years will I ever understand the people who turn up and demonststrate against the most patriotic true Brits of the BNP, Like you mentioned not a single ethnic person in the picture.

my guess is that most of these people are gay or only date folk from an ethnic background, or were simply bullied by skinheads back in the late sixties for their hippy beliefs, maybe their heads are scrambled by the consumption of Magic mushrooms, Acid and other mind bending drugs? could be they are big fans of the sitcom citizen smith back in the seventies, but the more likely reason they are standing outside the court, they quite hate the sight of their own image in the morning when they get out of bed and are quite simply traitors and cowards...anti British and anti white...thank god they are few and dying out very quickly, long live the BNP.

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A reminder what this murderous crew in power are doing to our people and brave troops in Afghanistan

LEST WE FORGET! and we must never forget the treason of the political elite....