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I know why Nick has to make these statements and I fully agree with him but I also agree with the absolute right of my town folk and countrymen to prevent the social disaster called diversity and multiculturalism from swamping them as it has so many of our fellow citizens on the mainland.

Ulstermen may be backward and pig headed according to the corrupt liberal elite who misrule us but when it comes to self sacrifice none can match them for who else has had to battle to defend their very Britishness for decades whilst being derided by their own?

On 1st July 1916 the 36th Ulster Division marched towards the German lines at the start of what would be known as the Battle of the Somme. Facing heavy enemy machine gun fire and taking many casualties they continued to advance shouting "No Surrender"!

An English General Staff officer, Captain Wilfred Spender of the 36th Ulster Division's HQ staff, was quoted in the press after the battle, as saying:-

"I am not an Ulsterman but yesterday, the 1st. July 1916, as I followed their amazing attack, I felt that I would rather be an Ulsterman than anything else in the world."

Captain Spender continued..............

“The Ulster Division has lost more than half the men who attacked and, in doing so, has sacrificed itself for the Empire which has treated them none too well. The much derided Ulstermen have won a name which equals any in history. Their devotion, which no doubt has helped the advance elsewhere, deserved the gratitude of the British Empire. It is due to the memory of these brave fellows that their beloved Province shall be fairly treated.”

After the war had ended, King George V paid the following tribute to the 36th Division saying, "Throughout the long years of struggle ... the men of Ulster have proved how nobly they fight and die ...".

And how how their heirs treated? Firstly abandoned to terrorists and then subjected to third world "enrichment"!!!! Can anyone blame them for doing what all the British people should do. i.e. defend our country, our people and our families?

And that is why I am a member of the BRITISH National Party!

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Knight - Geert Wilders is saying that his PVV (Freedom Party) is not a "fascist", "racist", "nationalist" party but rather a party that stands up for the ideas of tolerance and free speech that people associate with the Netherlands and which are under attack from its huge Moroccan and Turkish immigrant populations. Unfortunately for him these are the names that all his opponents throw at him!

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I'm from North Belfast originally and I can tell you the truth........

(i) As several people have already commented - these "immigrants" are not Romanians but Roma, i.e. Gypsies.
(ii) I have a good friend who is Romanian and lives in Bucharest. Anytime he leaves the country he refuses to fly with the national airline, i.e. TAROM but rather chooses Alitalia as the Roma usually fly TAROM.
(iii) About 2 years ago my 80 year mother was in M&S in Royal Avenue in central Belfast when she found a 12 year Roma with her hand in her bag!
(iv) The hypocritical politicians that you see on TV crying about "racism" are nothing more than NIMBYs, i.e. "these poor people have to live somewhere but Not In My Back Yard". It's ok for them to live and prey off the impoverished white working class but not in their areas!
(v) Finally, maybe the people of Belfast, having looked at what "diversity" and "multi-culturalism" have brought to many cities in England, have decided that they don't want it? Maybe that is something that the NIMBY politicians with their hands in the till should consider?

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Well done Andrew. Well done Nick. Well done Martin and all the team. Well done to the British patriots who weren't taken in by the liberal elite and their stooge party UKIP and cam out in their thousands to vote BNP. I feel immensely proud to be British today. Superb!

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Might have to let the Mrs buy me a a pint or ten!!! ;) lol

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Is Farage a real person? He looks like a puppet and I wouldn't be surprised if the Establishment has it's fist up "where the sun don't shine" and are manipulating his every move! That's probably why he speaks with that annoyings voice straight out of Thunderbirds! Not to mention the £2m he-'s creamed in expenses. Not bad for being the Establishment's b**ch!!!

F.A.B. Vigil (lol)

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Turkey has only one objection in wanting to join the EU and that it to gobble up (pardon the pun - lol) the ludicrous amount of our money that the EU commissars in Brussels will send them. Not to mention them being able to export millions of illiterate peasants who strictly adhere to the death cult commonly known as Islam with the aim of seeping into infecting the whole continent of Europe! As Churchill would say - NEVER!

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These figurea are amazing! 15-20% (if true) will send shock waves around this country and beyond. Embezzling politicians, suicide bombing invaders, sponging asylum seekers beware - you-r time is nearly up!

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Asylum Third World Invaders flying First Class to the good ol' UK? Nothing wrong with that from a money grabbing MPs point of view is there? And they even vote for you! Double Whammy, Everyone's a winner - except the exploited people whose country it actually is, i.e. US !!!!

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Hey hairyfairy - what a great profile post!