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Living in an almost unenriched area ( at the moment ) nearly all my neighbors are totally unaware of the mortal danger the country is in, and even if made aware would not care, just as long as their lifestyle is not affected. The invaders biggest enemy is hot-heads in their ranks, if they kept their heads down and just kept breeding, they would eventually destroy us without a shot being fired. I would say it was an impossible task to raise the awareness of the sheep and that with few exceptions most are not worth saving.

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Our real problem is that the great british public do not know they are in mortal danger and the other problem is that they do not care. They deserve to lose their country. When they are ready to be saved and delivered it will probably be too late. Sorry to be so gloomy but facts are facts.

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I am lost in admiration at your efforts, a mention in dispatches and gongs all round seems about right. Well done to all of you.

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Nick Griffin MEP is a very rare breed today, an honest politician. One day the great British public will realise the prime minister they could have had, but never did. The BNP must be strong enough and resiliant enough to be able to keep going forward under a new leader, whoever it might be. We owe Nick Griffin MEP a great deal in getting the party to where it is today, I wish him well for the future.

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Excellent article Mr Fox, the reality is there for anone with eyes to see. After the results of the election I am convinced the British public is not yet ready to be saved. It's going to have to get a lot worse before they realise what is happening to them. I do seriously wonder whether they are actually worth saving, they deserve to lose their country for their apathy. Maybe when their backs are against the wall they might actually do something about getting their country back.

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Brilliant artical. The British public are almost comatose and it will take a siesmic event to wake them up, the sad part is that when they do wake up it will be too late. I do not think this country can be regained through the ballot box any more. I think that the answer would be an understanding and patriotic high ranking army officer who was prepared to mount a coup. Most officers I've seen are more concerned with their pension than the country.

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Very wise words Simon, Churchill siad something like " The loss of a battle is not the end of the war". "Keep smiling and carry on".

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The BNP is unstoppable.

"Nick Griffin for PM"

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The BNP is Britains one and only hope.

"Nick Griffin for PM"

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"Nick Griffin for PM"