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this is a great move from the BNP. no longer can the major partys pick on true british patriots who are trying to make our once great land great once more.

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Its great 2 see a BNP presance in Ulster. why r people talking bout helping the irish republic 2 deal with their problems? when they helped cause the problems in northern ireland by sending guns and money 2 the I.R.A to blow up british people. these people hate the uk just as much as the 7/7 bombers. Thats why their is a devide in Ulster, cause just under half the country hates every thing bout briton and what she stands for. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.

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remember the 100 romas that were put out of there homes in belfast!!!!! A top housing executive official was quoted saying that the attacks on their homes wasn't the reason that they went home. It was when they realised that they where not entitled to any benifits they made their final desision to return their home land. Just shows the type of spongers from all over the world our great country attracts. I they don't leave like these lot they often turn to crime and make the local population suffer. Wise up Labour and close the gates before its to late. GOD SAVE ULSTER.

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Its about time a european country started to wake up to this scurge the way Italy has. Maybe our feeble minded goverment will follow Italy's lead!!!!!!

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Its good to see the I.R.A joint leader of nothern ireland MARTIN MAGUINNIS coming out to defend these romanians when they where put out of there homes. Wonder how many native ulster men women and children he was responsable for murdering or making flee from their homes!!!! Its a disgrace how are we supposed to listen to this scum telling us it is wrong when he was at it for 30 years as a terrorist chief. terrorists in goverment dosent work.

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the problem over here with eastern europeans is getting alot worse and coming to boiling point. The polish orgainised attacks before and after the Northern Ireland match. I dont know much of the romainians but i wouldnt be to happy if 100 of them moved into my area overnight. It has went from no people from other country's to seeing them everywhere you look. I dont think these attacks are racist they are more from frustration and a lack of slowly intergrating instead of opening the flood gates and forcing to differant cultures to live together straight away. your asking for trouble!!!! THANKS LABOUR.