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The Marxist, racist, anti-white, anti-entrepreneurial Tories revealing themselves in their true colours. There really is no difference between Progressive Socialists and Conservative Socialists, apart from how they part their hair. One wants to arrive at the New World Order by leaps and bounds and the other by fits and starts. Don't waste your vote on a mirror image - break the mould and cast your vote for the BNP to put the brakes on Britain's extremist-induced disaster as we careen ever nearer to the precipice. Cameron is starting from the premise that we are all absolutely identical and therefore any discrepancies are down to "racism". Nationalists believe that each homogeneous state produces institutions suitable for its nationals and that there are ethnic differences that preclude absolute equality of result and in fact lead to social dystopia. Take your pick. I know which theory I think fits the facts best!

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It makes me proud to think how selflessly helping the British people has in turn helped Rifleman Allott's parents to stay positive and rise above their grief. When people like this show their true grit, surely the rest of us can only salute and follow suit! This is the way to honour the fallen - kick out the self-serving traitors in Westminster who callously lied their way into an illegal war which has killed, maimed and given cause for mourning to so many!

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All parties currently in Parliament are complicit in tacit social engineering, however much it costs. Costs have no place in the endgame formula. The whole thrust of policy, of whichever party save a confessed nationalist one, is to destroy the West, its culture, economy and bedrock identity. This is what the Frankfurt School of Demoralisation and the European Union of Communists and Extreme Capitalists had and have in mind and, by George, they have very nearly succeeded. Human beings can choose between being somewhere between wolves or sheep, but Europeans are rapidly being deployed into one or other camp. Vote BNP to return the human element to politics!

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All ethnic minority would-be members of the BNP should be asked to sign up to their support of genetically British people's right to a homeland in which they remain the majority, just as Rajinder Singh has declared above. After all, what organisation would open its doors to anybody who is in 180 degree opposition to its fundamental ideals? You'd soon be turfed out and rightly so. The law applicable to the amended rules of application to join the BNP is not even in force yet. So the BNP is being bullied over non-adherence to a non-law over non-members. Hypothetical discrimination against the "spirit" of a non-existent law - sounds like the thought of a thought crime to me! The government couldn't get more airy-fairy if it tried!

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"Fighting fascism is not a job for an elite squad of activists, but for everyone who wants to live in a free society. If you’re a member of a trade union, a community group, a political organisation, or even a marching band – please get involved." I can only echo what the self-proclaimed "elite squad" of Liverpool Antifascists declare - As Churchill said: "“When fascism returns it will be in the guise of opposition to fascism”. The trick is to identify "fascism" under whatever latest fashionable veil it attempts to disguise itself. Don't forget the give-away trait of fascism is its aggressively expansionist ideals, as characterised by extreme capitalistic globalism aided and abetted by internationalist Marxist tyrannising. Nationalism is characterised by the concept of self-determination and the idea that each state has the right to exist and to decide how it is governed. Nothing fascistic in that! One day Peter Tierney will be venerated as a hero, just like John Ball or Wat Tyler!

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I have to admit that I have felt gutted by the non-stop bombardment from the various traitors in high places against the BNP. I am so angry and frustrated, but really the only way to channel those negative feelings is to keep on fighting and rely on our leaders to devise the best strategies, as indeed they are doing. This is where being part of a local gathering of solidly committed and like-minded fellow-BNPers pays vast dividends. I envy you (in a good way) and wish all you brave and hardworking BNP footsoldiers out there all the best!

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Any further drop in British engineering skills and we won't even be able to repair Hadrian's Wall to keep out those Scottish politicians with their wrecking balls!

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Hooray! Sarkozy's time-serving con has been thoroughly sussed and we can only hope that the Liblabcon will be too, when the time comes, if it ever does. When are we getting our election? There's only so much more my punchbag inscribed with el Gordo's mug can take!

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In December last year New Scientist commissioned a modelling exercise entitled "Modelling a UK 80% Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction by 2050" which concluded that: "The higher costs of low-carbon power generation are paid for by the users of energy in the form of HIGHER ENERGY PRICES [my capitals], with the revenues accruing to government through high carbon allowance prices and other carbon tax revenues. These revenues are available to help encourage the switch from fossil fuels to electricity or to mitigate impacts on low-income households, although in the modelling they are mostly used to PAY OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT." So, once again, the poor old consumer will be bailing out the derrieres of the government, the bankers and all the other extremists who have been sucking our lifeblood for so long and who apparently think it will go on in the same old strain to 2050! Surely, the British people (if they still exist) will rise long before then. If not, they will have sunk never to rise again. Now is your last chance to show that Britain still means something to the majority. Vote BNP before you are politically castrated forever!

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Well, look on the bright side - at least they're not coming here to stay, breed and claim! I do not support abortion on demand, but it seems grossly unfair to have us pay to abort Polish and other foreign pregnancies, but not Irish ones. Women in England, Scotland and Wales are entitled to a legal and safe abortion on the NHS and have been for the last 40 years. However, the 1967 Abortion Act does not apply to Northern Ireland, where women do not have an automatic right to abortion, including women who've been raped, are the victims of incest or whose baby has been diagnosed as profoundly disabled or non-viable at birth. Women in Northern Ireland are told they cant have one, despite Labours pro-choice policy. Northern Irelands GPs are not allowed to refer even desperate women for NHS abortions in England. So, if a woman requires an abortion she has to organises and pay for one herself, even though she is a UK citizen and taxpayer! New Labour politicians say that Labour Party policy to extend the Act to Northern Ireland cannot be carried out because no one in Northern Ireland supports abortion and they will not impose it. This is nonsense. Abortion tourism is common - an estimated 7,000 Irish women a year travel to England to have a termination, either in a private clinic or on the NHS. The Marie Stopes organisation even offers reduced fees for Irish women in recognition of the travel expenses they face.