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Ok, I think this makes sense. I only started watching the last 2 races before the summer break so I missed what it was like before. I just assumed that it's always been Hamilton as Driver 1 and Bottas as Driver 2 who is there to help Hamilton win.

Thanks for clarifying, now I don't feel like there's a huge Bottas conspiracy!

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But like, Bottas seems to be a really good driver. I feel bad for him that he's not allowed his hopes and dreams because he's number 2 at Mercedes. Also a few races ago he was told to hold his position so as to not pass Hamilton so the whole "we don't play favorites" thing is just not true.

I come from a nascar fandom background where there are teams but at the end of the day during the race, it's usually every driver for themselves. I am not used to true "team" racing where someone's goals are subservient to the team/making sure the No. 1 driver wins.

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Hello! I have recently started getting into F1 and have thoughts about this if anyone wants to chat!

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This is what has happened to me a few times: almost every Sunday at around 11 am we take our dogs to the dog park. I never ever use Apple maps for anything. I don't use google directions or waze to get there because we know how to get there. Several times throughout the last year, at around that time, when we get in the car (not my car so my bluetooth does not pick up) but like, when we get out of the house and get in the car, Apple maps will tell me how long it takes to get to the dog park. I am not sure how to make this stop, as I only have location "on" when the app is in use.

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Do you have drywall walls or clay brick? Typically central/south america does clay brick interior walls, and that may be blocking the signal strength. The house we currently rent has interior concrete block walls and i can't pull up instagram on my phone in the bedroom, even though it is maybe 15 feet from the router but the signal goes through one wall.

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Which are the TJ's knock offs????? I MUST KNOW.

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yeah musk is heading into macafee territory with his latest twitter rants.

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She used to work for Shareblue and I like her analysis on Twitter. I will say that when I read that tweet from the orange one, I got a very bad feeling. Someone also pointed out that he threaded the tweets properly which he doesn't know how to do. I have a v. bad feeling about this whole summit and the secret meeting. Maybe Putin gets Alaska?

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This is absolutely terrifying.

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Question for the HR inclined folks: we have a job posting that is specifically asking for Permanent Residents or US Citizens as part of the qualifications to apply. I have had maybe 4 people that meet the criteria apply, and then 50+ that would need sponsorship. At this point we cannot offer sponsorship. I have asked everyone that has applied to confirm their status. Once they say they need sponsorship, do I need to message them back and say no thanks, or since we said we won't consider the applications that need sponsorship, can I just leave them alone?